30.07.2014 20:30
Press office of President

Comments by Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Mr Valeriy Chalyi on the Russian Statement concerning Deployment of the Russian Peacekeeping Mission in Ukraine

Given clear evidences that Russia supplies armed rebels, supports them financially and provides with military equipment, including heavy weaponry and given that the Russian mercenaries are fighting on the side of de-facto terrorist organizations - the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic, by the definition, Russia cannot carry out a peacekeeping function, initiate as well as participate in a peacekeeping operation.

In terms of international law, there is no conflict in Ukraine that envisages involvement of peacekeepers, even more, the Russian peacekeepers. The "Russian peacekeepers" counteracting the Russian mercenaries would have been odd.

The Ukrainian side has secured a ceasefire within 20 km around the crash site and strictly adheres to this obligation. Ukraine calls on Russia to exert influence on its controlled rebels to cease the fire in the 20 km radius.

Instead, the terrorists have enhanced their combat positions, concentrated heavy artillery and mined the area around the crash site of the downed Malaysian aircraft.

The terrorists’ actions should be stopped immediately. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission should monitor the ceasefire in this area supported with unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance cameras, and inspectors.

Tomorrow Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is voting for ratification of an agreement with Australia concerning the civilian police mission in order to facilitate the international investigation in line with the adopted UN Security Council Resolution 2166, which is strictly followed by Ukraine.

In the current situation, a special combat operation for liberating the crash site from the rebels would have been logical to ensure the international investigation. However, this scenario is refrained from only due to determination to prevent the rebels or those who support them from destroying evidences of the international crime of terrorism.

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