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Ukrainian part of international humanitarian assistance departed to Luhansk

Under the President's instruction to the Cabinet of Ministers, Ukrainian humanitarian assistance departed from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk to Luhansk this morning.

75 trucks with 800 tons of humanitarian aid are on their way to Luhansk region.

Commissioner of the President on settlement of the situation in the East accompanied the departure of columns from Kyiv.

According to I. Gerashchenko, Ukrainian government does everything possible for Luhansk to receive the given assistance.

Answering the questions of journalists, I. Gerashchenko noted that safe delivery of cargo was the main problem. Ukrainian government guarantees full security of cargo on the territory of Ukraine but there are doubts about its security on the territory controlled by militants, the Commissioner of the President said.

It is expected that the first trucks will arrive to the destination point today. The cargo will be conveyed to the Red Cross as Ukrainian part of the international humanitarian mission.

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