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President agreed on the Merkel Plan on the restoration of the Donbas

Following the negotiations with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel in Kyiv, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed on the establishment of the special fund of the European Union on the restoration of the infrastructure of the Donbas in the amount of EUR 500 million.

The President called this initiative the Merkel Plan similar to the Marshall Plan on the restoration of the post-war Europe.

At the final press-conference after the negotiations, Petro Poroshenko also informed that Germany had offered to host and provide treatment to 20 most seriously wounded servicemen in the ATO area at the cost of German government.

«A friend in need is a friend indeed,” the President reminded the proverb which is present in many languages of the world.

The Head of State noted significant role of the Chancellor in the introduction of the peace process for the Donbas. According to him, Angela Merkel understands the essence of the given problem as nobody else.

Petro Poroshenko emphasized that due to the international efforts, 185 trucks of the so-called “Russian humanitarian convoy” that had invaded the territory of Ukraine had already returned to Russia.

“War is not our choice. It has been brought from outside. Our choice is peace and peaceful process, implementation of the peace plan of the President of Ukraine in the Donbas,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

According to the President, “the time has come when we should stop talking about war and begin talking about peace”. “Still, it should happen not at the cost of sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine,” the Head of State added.

The President also noted that Ukraine felt a decisive support of Germany in the issue of illegal annexation of Crimea.

In her turn, Angela Merkel stated that Germany didn’t recognize the annexation of Crimea. “It happened with violation of territorial integrity in Europe. If we recognize such actions, it can happen in Europe. Then, it will concern not only Ukraine. Every European country may have a claim to some areas and it will disrupt peaceful coexistence”. The Chancellor also emphasized: “Our next step is to save Donetsk and Luhansk”.

The Chancellor noted that she completely supported the peace plan of the Ukrainian President and stressed the importance of achieving bilateral ceasefire to establish efficient control over the border.

“I am confident that the solution of the problem should be the conclusion of negotiations. There should be a diplomatic solution,” A. Merkel said.

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