President of Ukraine

Chief of the Department for Pardon Affairs

BUKALOV Oleksandr Pavlovych



Chief of the Department for Pardon Affairs since February 5, 2015



Date of birth

October 18, 1954

Place of birth

Krasnogvardeyske, Belgorod region


Complete higher education, I. I. Mechnikov National University of Odesa, 1976, Faculty of Physics


Ukrainian, Russian – fluent; English – reading and translating with dictionary

Took the oath of civil servant

February 5, 2015

Rank of civil servant

5th rank (April 8, 2015)

Work experience

Over 43 years

Civil service experience

Since February 5, 2015


09.1971 - 07.1976

Student of I. I. Mechnikov National University of Odesa;

12.1974 - 09.1977

Head of the astronomical clubs of regional station of young technicians

09.1977 - 07.1979

Core maker at Odesa Foundry "Centrolit";

09.1979 - 09.1979

Painter at Donetsk planetarium, Donetsk;

10.1979 - 07.1983

Engineer at the Physics Chair of Donetsk Polytechnic Institute;

07.1983 - 01.1991

Senior Engineer Technician, Junior Researcher at the Institute "VNDPI Vtorkoliormet", Donetsk;

01.1991 - 07.1991

Foundry man at Scientific and Production Association "Edelweiss", Donetsk;

07.1991 - 07.1992

Deputy Director of small enterprise "Zapchast", Makiivka;

07.1992 - 01.1995

Director of LLC "Athena LTD", Donetsk;

02.1995 - 07.1998

Columnist, Deputy Editor, Correspondent of the newspaper "Prison and Freedom" of the newspaper office "Donetsk News", Donetsk;

07.1998 - 04.2001

Coordinator of the programs of Kharkiv Human Rights Group, Kharkiv;

04.2001 - 04.2003

Project coordinator of Donetsk City Organization "International Amnesty", Donetsk;

05.2003 - 02.2015

Program manager of Donetsk City Organization "Donetsk Memorial", Donetsk;

Since 02.2015

Chief of the Department for Pardon Affairs of the Presidential Administration, Kyiv.