President of Ukraine

Maryna Poroshenko visits the International Forum of the British Council "Unlimited: Art Without Boundaries"

19 February 2018 - 14:43

Maryna Poroshenko visits the International Forum of the British Council

On February 19, President’s wife Maryna Poroshenko took part in the opening of the 2-day International Forum “Unlimited: Art Without Boundaries” held in the Theatre on Podol at the initiative of the British Council in cooperation with the Poroshenko Charity Foundation. The events involves 200 delegates from Ukraine, Great Britain, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan - artists, managers, producers, heads of artistic institutions, choreographers, directors and government officials.

According to Maryna Poroshenko, today the inclusive policy is on the agenda of our state - in the development of inclusive education, creation of architecturally accessible space and development of inclusive art.

The President’s wife noted that in March 2017 she had attended the performance of the world-famous inclusive dance team Candoco Dance Company from the UK. After that performance, the British Council initiated the Unlimited program in Ukraine designed to develop the art of people with disabilities.

During the Forum, Director of the British Council in Ukraine Simon Williams noted: “The British Council is happy to share the best practices from the UK and the South Caucasus as regards the integration of people with disabilities in the sphere of culture. We help create opportunities for the development of creative potential of Ukrainians with disabilities for the benefit of all audiences in the country and make artistic objects accessible to people with disabilities”.

In the course of the panel discussions, the Forum participants discussed the problems of inclusive art and ways to resolve them. Particularly, Head of Arts and Disability, EU Region at the British Council Ben Evans told about the art projects for people with and without disabilities - from theatre and dance performances to artistic residences.