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17 APRIL 2015 16:00A. Taranov: ATO veterans must be involved in patriotic education of youthThe meeting on the issues of patriotic education of youth was held in the Presidential Administration under the presidency of Deputy Head of the APU Andriy Taranov. “We are facing a great challenge and unfortunately peace becomes not only a wish, but also a purpose of our life. Thus, patriotic education is very important,” Andriy Taranov said at the beginning of the meeting.Press office of President

17 APRIL 2015 15:57Art gallery was opened in the Presidential AdministrationArt gallery Second Floor Art Center was opened on the second floor of the Presidential Administration on April 17. The first exhibition presented in the premises of the Administration is the project “Figures of Ukraine” by the illustrators’ club Pictoric (over 20 authors). It is a series of posters created by young Ukrainian painters and designers representing prominent Ukrainians in new and unusual images. The exhibition will remain in the Administration for a few weeks. Then, it will be shown all over Ukraine.Press office of President

16 APRIL 2015 18:41President: Medical sphere requires immediate reformsTouching upon this issue at the meeting of the National Council of Reforms, President Petro Poroshenko noted that reformation of healthcare sphere was one of the top priorities for the country. “It is difficult to find a sphere, where the situation is so urgently problematic, so neglected and so corrupt. National healthcare system has become our national disaster,” Petro Poroshenko said.Press office of President

16 APRIL 2015 17:46Maryna Poroshenko: The youngest generation will develop Ukrainian science, build a new modern state and glorify Ukraine in the worldOn April 16, 2015, the President’s wife visited cultural-scientific-entertainment center of Kyiv planetarium “Atmasfera 360” with children that found themselves in difficult life circumstances.Press office of President

16 APRIL 2015 15:35President requires prompt and transparent investigation of resonant murdersActing Minister of the Interior Vasyl Paskal has reported to the President on the circumstances of murders of Oleh Kalashnykov and Oles Buzyna. The Head of State has emphasized the need for prompt and transparent investigation of those murders. “It is evident that these crimes have the same origin. Their nature and political sense are clear. It is a deliberate provocation that plays in favor of our enemies. It is aimed at destabilizing the internal political situation in Ukraine and discrediting the political choice of the Ukrainian people,” the Head of State said.Press office of President

16 APRIL 2015 15:30President appointed Artem Sytnyk Director of the National Anti-Corruption BureauThe Head of State introduced the new Director to the public and emphasized that his task would be to build a new institution that would demonstrate Ukraine’s determination in the struggle against corruption. According to the President, the trust of people is the most important aspect in the activity of the newly appointed Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau. “All efforts will be vain without such trust,” Petro Poroshenko noted.Press office of President

15 APRIL 2015 14:53President handed passport of Ukrainian citizen to journalist Kateryna SergatskovaThe President handed the passport of the Ukrainian citizen to journalist Kateryna Sergatskova who was born in Russia and has been living in Ukraine for many years already. “Welcome to Ukraine. Welcome to the Ukrainian citizenship. I am proud that we have such citizens,” the President said.Press office of President

14 APRIL 2015 16:30President had a meeting with candidates for the post of Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of UkrainePresident Petro Poroshenko has held a meeting with finalists of the contest for the post of Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnyk and Mykola Siryi. The Head of State has congratulated the winners of the open contest. “It is a great achievement and a very important period in your life,” Petro Poroshenko said. The President has great expectations with respect to the Bureau. “The elected person should demonstrate efficiency since the very first days of his work. There are more than enough authorities. And there will be no indulgence for corruption,” the President emphasized.Press office of President

14 APRIL 2015 14:33President approved amendments to the budget that will ensure timely payment of salaries to minersPresident Petro Poroshenko has signed the Law “On Amendments to Annex ¹3 to the Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2015” on the State Aid to the Coal Industry” that will ensure timely payment of salaries to miners.Press office of President

13 APRIL 2015 20:46President had a phone conversation with Chancellor of GermanyPetro Poroshenko has informed Angela Merkel on the escalation of the situation in Donbas due to the unwillingness of militants to cease fire and fully withdraw heavy armament. The President has also emphasized the need for immediate liberation of all hostages.Press office of President

13 APRIL 2015 19:04President had a phone conversation with Prime Minister of SerbiaThe parties have agreed to coordinate efforts in order to increase the efficiency of the OSCE SMM monitoring. Particularly, they have underlined the need for increasing the number of inspectors and improving their technical support. The Ukrainian President has urged Serbia to enhance criminal liability for the participation of Serbian citizens in illegal armed groups in Donbas.Press office of President

13 APRIL 2015 15:30President's family congratulated wounded warriors on Easter: You are our pride and elitePresident's wife Maryna Poroshenko and her children visited two military hospitals where wounded ATO participants are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. The President's family congratulated the wounded warriors and their relatives on Easter.Press office of President

12 APRIL 2015 05:40President's Easter greetings to Ukrainian nationPress office of President

12 APRIL 2015 03:21On Easter night, President prayed with believers of different churchesOn Easter night, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his family - wife Maryna, children Yevheniya, Oleksandra and Mykhailo took part in festive worship services in several churches of Kyiv.Press office of President

10 APRIL 2015 19:09President: Ukraine has made a tremendous contribution to the victory over fascismPresident Petro Poroshenko has taken part in festivities on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of Odesa’s liberation from fascist invaders. Addressing the attendees, the Head of State has noted that the memorial marathon on the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Second World War had started that day. It will be finished with the celebration of the Day of Victory on May 9.Press office of President

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