President of Ukraine


We are now preparing to continue our extremely active international work in the coming weeks. There will be new agreements that will strengthen our troops, the defense of our cities, and the position of our state.

Russian madness must lose this war. We will do everything for this.

There are good results with regard to Russian military aircraft. Seven combat aircraft – Russian "Su" jets – were shot down in a week. Thank you, our warriors, for your accuracy.

Możemy zrobić wszystko, aby przewrócić tę nieprzyjemną stronę i ponownie uczynić współpracę i wzajemną siłę kolejną stroną naszych relacji.

We can do everything to turn this disagreeable page and make the next chapter of our relations one of cooperation and mutual strength again.

Today, Ukraine honors the memory of their feat. The memory of how Ukrainians can fight for their freedom. In the squares, on the barricades, and today – at the front. The memory that in the most difficult moments of history we never give up.

The situation is extremely difficult in several parts of the frontline, where Russian troops have amassed maximum reserves. They are taking advantage of the delays in aid to Ukraine. And these are very tangible issues.

Support is important. Solidarity – is important. Only together, in unity, can we win in this war.