President of Ukraine


Since you have entrusted me with the post of the President, the state compass is heading to the West - in the direction opposite to the empire. Its arrow has never flinched. And I assure you, it will not flinch as long as this compass is in my hands. Moreover, I will insist on consolidating this aspiration to join the European Union and NATO in the Constitution.

I am grateful to the Crimeans who did not participate in this farce, despite serious pressure they were subjected to. They were threatened, forced, called to the so-called polling stations with gifts. But their silent protest eloquently testified - Crimea is Ukraine!

The Supreme Court is independent and principal in the system. In the further formation of the judicial system, people will look up to you. Other judges will be guided by your decisions. As President, I address all of you: return public confidence in justice to people and please always remember the price paid by Ukraine for an independent and fair court.

Ukraine has considerable progressed along the way of internal transformations. Despite existential challenges by Russian aggression. I would like to express my particular gratitude that the Council of Europe, including this Assembly, actively supports the reform process in Ukraine. Looking back at the accomplishments of Ukraine, I am particularly pleased that the 2015-2017 Action Plan of the Council of Europe for Ukraine has become our common story of success. The progress reached is a joint result of Ukraine and the Council of Europe. We hope that the new Action Plan for 2018-2021, which is currently drafted in the Council of Europe, will be even more ambitious and successful.

We really need to ensure that all courts in Ukraine are anti-corruption. All without exception. To do this, we are making a reform. However, a separate judicial anti-corruption vertical line must be created in the composition of a separate Anti-Corruption Court, cassation instance - the anti-corruption chamber in the Supreme Court of Ukraine and, as the Verkhovna Rada will determine, departments of the anti-corruption court on the ground.