President of Ukraine


My congratulations to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IX convocation on taking office. It's so unusual to see this hall packed. I would like it to be this way always, not only when there is a standing dinner on the occasion of a solemn session. Start working!

Our land is unique, lovely, unbreakable, incredible, amazing, fabulous, wonderful, beautiful. If it was not for our Homeland, humanity might not even know these words. After all, they were invented to describe Ukraine. And today it marks the 28th anniversary of Independence. Over the years we have done the most important thing. We have multiplied them. Preserved independence and freedom. And we preserve it today. Some people do so at the cost of their freedom, and others at the cost of their life.

Dear Ukrainians! This is not just mine, this is our common victory. And this is our common chance that we are responsible for together.