President of Ukraine


Autocephaly is the part of our pro-European and pro-Ukrainian state strategy, which we have been consistently implementing over the past four years and, I emphasize, which we will implement hereafter. This is the foundation of our own path of development, the development of the State of Ukraine and the development of the Ukrainian nation.

Statement by the President of Ukraine during the General Debate of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly “Making the United Nations relevant to all people: Global leadership and shared responsibilities for peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies”

Since you have entrusted me with the post of the President, the state compass is heading to the West - in the direction opposite to the empire. Its arrow has never flinched. And I assure you, it will not flinch as long as this compass is in my hands. Moreover, I will insist on consolidating this aspiration to join the European Union and NATO in the Constitution.

I am grateful to the Crimeans who did not participate in this farce, despite serious pressure they were subjected to. They were threatened, forced, called to the so-called polling stations with gifts. But their silent protest eloquently testified - Crimea is Ukraine!