President of Ukraine


We must stop this war. Based on the UN Charter, respect for international law, the just interests of the Ukrainian people, and the idea of the undeniable value of human life – life, not war.

There will also be more equipment and other necessary supplies for the front. Decisions have been made regarding the use of Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine, with the G7 taking a significant first step regarding $50 billion.

Today we are signing two more security agreements with the United States and Japan. These are strong agreements. By doing so, we are completing the security architecture of relations between Ukraine and the Group of Seven – there will be seven agreements with all of you.

It is up to us, together with all our partners and everyone who values life and helps protect it now, to determine what the legacy of this time will be for Europe in the times to come. Will there be security? Will there be respect? Will there be peace? I am confident that we will choose the right answer.

No matter how the political environment in Europe changes, the fact of our reality is that all Europeans, without exception, need the European Union. Every nation that shares the common values of the entire Europe and wants to live, just like us, to live in peace.

At present, one of our main tasks is to secure more support for Ukraine in terms of the resilience of our society. This includes energy, recovery after attacks, and all other foundations of normal life.

We are also working to ensure more reserves for our army. Now, thanks to negotiations and meetings in France, we have some new solutions for Ukrainian defense – both from France and the United States.

Les systèmes de défense aérienne et blindés français, les missiles et artillerie, votre expérience et vos conseils nous aident déjà à sauver des vies et à dissuader la Russie, grâce à vous.

French air defense systems and armored vehicles, missiles and artillery, experience and expertise are already helping us save lives and deter Russia, thanks to you.

We are doing everything necessary, step by step, to make Russia see that we have the means to respond to any attempt to expand the war and increase pressure on Ukraine. And we are working with our partners to improve our capabilities – to make them even more long-range.