President of Ukraine


Today, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, personal sanctions have been introduced, in particular assets and property of persons who, according to the Security Service and the National Security and Defense Council, can be called the top ten Ukrainian smugglers were blocked. I want to emphasize that the fight against smuggling will be continued, today it is the top ten, but certainly not the last.

A regular meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine took place today. We continue to restore justice where someone believed that his personal financial appetites could be stronger than the interests of the state and the people of Ukraine, and that his own pockets were more important than the state treasury.

It is no secret that the latest decisions of the National Security and Defense Council have caused considerable resonance. Public approval and, of course, indignation of those who find their names and businesses in the decisions of the National Security and Defense Council. Today I will summarize the preliminary results, set the record straight and explain in simple language to you - our citizens of Ukraine, what exactly is happening.

Today I signed a decree on certain measures aimed at deoccupation and reintegration of the Crimean peninsula. In particular, the government is tasked with organizing and launching the Crimean Platform. I sincerely believe that the day will come when I will be able to repeal my own decree - simply because it will lose its relevance and Crimea will return to Ukraine.

And no less important - we have good news about the vaccine against COVID-19. Vaccination will begin in February. We expect that Ukraine will soon receive one million doses of the vaccine - the first million - from a leading international company. We will be able to announce the details shortly.

The Holodomor, which was recognized as genocide against our people by the totalitarian Stalinist regime, resulted in deaths of millions of Ukrainians. These are losses comparable to those suffered by Ukraine in World War II. How can one seek to destroy an entire nation? Why and for what? We will never be able to understand this. We will never be able to forget this. We will never be able to forgive this.

Together with you, we have to continue the difficult construction of a really new Ukraine every day. Free and worthy. Where the law will always come first, not last names or past merits. Where, years after the landmark historical event, there will be a museum, not a temporary structure. Where all the positive changes written on the posters held by the protesters in the cold winter will become a reality.

Under the Constitution of Ukraine, I deliver an address about the internal and external situation of Ukraine. And such an official beginning will be the only thing in common with the previous addresses of the Presidents of Ukraine.

A year ago in New York, we discussed threats to the international future, made plans and forecasts. But could anyone at least imagine that 2020 would stage such a crash test for the planet? Uniting efforts of all states is an absolute requirement of the time. Ukraine cannot stay aside.

Our "Mriya" flies to the sky so that God can see our dream. We put the right hand to the heart to overcome the problems with the left one. We are Ukrainians. Look in the mirror and you will see all of us there. This is us. Independent. But it all depends on us. Congratulations to you, fellow countrymen! Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!