President of Ukraine


We are expecting the decisions from our partners in the European Union that will be in line with the level of cooperation achieved between our institutions and the EU, as well as with our progress.

Our task to endure is a common task. It is the task of the Defense and Security Forces, our entire state, business, and everyone who works for Ukraine's victory.

We are doing everything to ensure that our pressure outweighs the occupiers' assault capabilities. And it is very important to maintain the dynamics of defense support from our partners. The speed of supply has been and will be one of the key factors in this war.

Ukraine needs long-range missiles – in particular, to remove this possibility of the occupiers to place their missile launchers somewhere far from the front line and destroy Ukrainian cities with them.

Russia must stop aggression and terror, and only after that it will be possible to talk about Russian participation in the context of the Olympic movement. Olympic principles and war are fundamentally opposed to each other.

Today we repeat it even more strongly than before: never again to hatred; never again to indifference. The more nations of the world overcome indifference, the less space there will be in the world for hatred.

This Russian terror requires asymmetrical responses. We need a new movement of our forces at the front. We need to ensure the defeat of the terrorists' ground forces. Whatever the Russian occupiers are planning, our preparation must be stronger. We talk about it with our partners. And we discuss it at the meetings of the Staff.

I am grateful to all our allies for their willingness to provide us with modern and much-needed tanks. All this proves the most important fact for the world today - the fact that freedom is only getting stronger.

In order not to recognize the mistake of aggression, the masters of Russia want to throw more of their people and equipment into the fighting. This means that all of us in the free world must step up our cooperation.

There is a principled decision of the NSDC on officials traveling abroad. It applies to all officials of the central government and various other levels of local government. If they want to rest now, they will rest outside the civil service.