President of Ukraine


Ukraine has become a member of the Board of Governors of this organization. The International Atomic Energy Agency. And this not only underscores our international security role but also provides real opportunities for Ukraine to influence the adoption of decisions that are binding for all IAEA members and the entire international community.

No matter what happens in the world, no matter what the external conditions are, we must remember that it is only our conditions, our internal attitude to Ukraine, to freedom, to our goals, that will determine when we will achieve our goal. The main goal – Ukraine's victory.

The supply of shells. This is a topic we are dealing with on a daily basis. Supplies from partners. Searching for new opportunities in the world — we know exactly how to secure supplies. And we are gradually increasing the volume of Ukrainian production.

We see a very clear interest of the world in working with us to build a new defense force not only for Ukraine, but also for our partners.

We have a clear perspective of a new resilience of Ukraine that will prevent the recurrence of Russian aggression – this is what we have already agreed on. I am grateful to President Biden, his entire team, and everyone in America who values freedom and supports Ukraine.

I am sure Canada will never lose Ukrainian vibe. And the day will come when we gather at a similar place in Ukraine. Many people, millions, cheering crowd, blue and yellow flags. And maple leaf flags. 

Ukraine, not genocide, will be victorious in this war. People will be the winners, not the Kremlin. Freedom will be the winner. Justice will be the winner.

You support us. And we know we shall not fall. And we see how our freedom keeps the snatch of a bulldog. And we are confident that other nations will not have to throw their armies into this battle, because Ukraine is capable of ending this war with a victory that will become our common victory.

We are preparing to create a new defense ecosystem together with the United States to produce weapons to further reinforce freedom and the protection of life together.

Veto should not serve as a weapon for those who are obsessed with hatred and war. So, the UN General Assembly should be given a real power to overcome the veto.