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We Do Not Want the UN Charter to Be Burnt Down Just Like These Books – Address by the President of Ukraine to the World Leaders on the Eve of the Peace Summit

26 May 2024 - 10:00

There is no nation that can stop such war alone, unaided – world leaders’ engagement is needed.

Argentina Plans to Join the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children

25 May 2024 - 18:25

Within the framework of the Stolen Voices information campaign, which is part of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Bring Kids Back UA action plan, a Ukrainian delegation visited Argentina. The delegation was headed by Daria Herasymchuk, Advisor – Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights and Child Rehabilitation. The visit was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The Strike on Kharkiv is Another Manifestation of Russian Madness, There Is Just No Other Way to Put It — Address by the President of Ukraine

25 May 2024 - 17:42

Only such madmen as Putin are capable of killing and terrorizing people in such a vile way. We already know that there are wounded, and there are killed. My condolences to the families and friends. Anyone who has been affected will get the help they need.

We Are Waiting for the African Leaders at the Peace Summit, and We Wish You All Peace – the President of Ukraine Addressed African Nations on the Africa Day

25 May 2024 - 12:55

We always seek mutual benefit and never use our capabilities to the detriment of other nations, their sovereignty, or their welfare. And this is exactly what is needed in our world – in a world where only formulas of peace, formulas of respect and formulas of development should ever work.

For More Than Two Years of Full-Scale War, We Have Been Relying on Dependable Communications – the President Congratulated the Employees of the State Service of Special Communications on Their Professional Holiday

25 May 2024 - 09:36

"Thank you for your work to protect Ukraine in a very sensitive sphere – it includes interstate communication, communication with our military, protected and especially important communication lines, and, of course, the protection of Ukraine in cyberspace – another space where Russian aggression is felt," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

The President Met with the Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland

24 May 2024 - 22:41

​The Head of State thanked for the military and financial assistance provided since the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion and noted the importance of the resolutions of the Polish Senate in support of Ukraine.

Putin Not Only Wants to Disrupt the Peace Summit, but He Is Also Afraid of What the Summit Can Bring – Address by the President

24 May 2024 - 21:00

No one in the world is interested in this war, except the aggressor, and everyone is actually aware of this. The Peace Summit is a format that will not allow Putin to lie anymore.

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