President of Ukraine

President's wife

The President's wife thanked the WHO for its support during the war, including assistance with equipment, machinery, medicines, and participation in the investigation of Russian war crimes against doctors and the destruction of institutions.

The wife of the President of Ukraine thanked her colleague and the people of Israel for their support and humanitarian aid for our country. 7,000 Ukrainians have already received medical care from Israeli doctors.

She thanked the wives of the presidents for the warm welcome of Ukrainian citizens, the opportunity given to Ukrainians to receive medical and educational services on an equal footing with the citizens of their countries.

"I am happy that you are here. I would very much like our meeting to take place in my favorite Kyiv. Ukraine is rich in wonderful places, and I would very much like to show them to you. We are in Uzhhorod today. This is a wonderful city that has already sheltered more than 60,000 IDPs," said Olena Zelenska, greeting Jill Biden.

50 pupils of the Kramatorsk Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children were evacuated to the Swiss Confederation. This is the second group of orphans, children deprived of parental care and children in difficult life circumstances who are evacuated to this country at the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska and at the invitation of the Administration of the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

In her address to the participants of the event, the First Lady of Ukraine noted the importance of universal protection of children's rights. She said that due to a full-scale Russian attack on our state, Ukrainian children cannot exercise their rights.

112 Ukrainian children with families, orphans and children with disabilities left for the Austrian city of Innsbruck. This is the second group of young Ukrainians sent to Austria under the agreement between governor of Tyrol Günther Platter, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Austria and the First Lady Olena Zelenska.

Saving Ukrainian children with cancer is an unprecedented action in world medical practice. Thanks to the joint efforts of doctors from Ukraine and abroad, public and charitable organizations, international partners and volunteers, it was possible to organize "flights of life".

20 Ukrainian children - cancer patients arrived for treatment in the French Republic. The plane with them and their loved ones landed in Paris the night before. They were personally met by the First Lady of France Brigitte Macron. Children will receive the necessary treatment and assistance.

The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska addressed the World Council of Churches with a request to become a mediator in the organization of humanitarian corridors and to help Ukrainians fleeing the war.