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24 OCTOBER 2014 22:08President calls on the public to actively engage in the reformation of the countryPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko calls on the public to actively engage in the process of countrys reformation. It was stated by him when presenting the Strategy of Reforms 2020 in Yuriy Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi. According to the President, it is completely real to achieve the level of reforms that will let us apply for a membership in the EU in 2020.Press office of President

24 OCTOBER 2014 19:32President: On October 26, pro-Ukrainian and pro-European Parliament will be elected"We will finally elect pro-Ukrainian not pro-Moscow, anticorruption not corrupt, pro-European Parliament the Verkhovna Rada," the President said in his conversation with media in Chernivtsi region.Press office of President

24 OCTOBER 2014 19:14President stands for transparent system of electricity rates"We must establish transparent system of electricity rates and cheapen the prime cost of electricity production. I do everything possible to decrease electricity rates for both enterprises and citizens. First of all for those who can hardly pay for it," he said at Dniester PSPS.Press office of President

24 OCTOBER 2014 18:31President launched two storage pumps of Dniester PSPSThe President emphasized that putting such facilities into operation would allow solving the issue of energy independence of the state promptly. He noted that the country would be less dependent on Russian gas. "Putting such facilities as Dniester PSPS and Kaniv complex into operation would let Ukraine stop depending on foreign supply of coal and gas," he emphasized in the course of the launch of two storage pumps.Press office of President

23 OCTOBER 2014 19:02President believes that pro-European coalition in the new Parliament will immediately begin state modernizationThe Head of State is confident that immediately after the parliamentary elections powerful pro-European coalition will be formed in the Verkhovna Rada and will begin the implementation of the Association Agreement and modernization of the state without wasting a single day for hesitation. It was stated by the President in the course of his conversation with media representatives in Odesa.Press office of President

23 OCTOBER 2014 18:46President: Ukraine will be fair and efficient European stateUkraine will be fair and efficient European state. It was stated by the President when presenting the Strategy of Reforms 2020 in Odesa. If we build a new strong economy, a country without corruption, establish the rule of law, we will live in a new way, the Head of State noted. He expresses belief that the situation in the Donbas shouldnt hamper the implementation of reforms. Now or never. Today we are united as never before. There is a team that can make reforms. We will form a new pro-European coalition without lies and populism. Ukraine will be fair and efficient state, he said.Press office of President

23 OCTOBER 2014 17:24President: Authorities will do everything to ensure security of voters on October 26Authorities and law enforcement bodies will do everything possible to ensure the security of voters in the course of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada on October 26, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko emphasizes. "We will do everything to protect election rights of citizens and ensure their free expression of will," the Head of State told media representatives in Odessa.Press office of President

23 OCTOBER 2014 17:01President: Ukraine modernizes military fleetUkraine will modernize national military fleet and equip it with modern weapons. It was stated by the President in the course of his conversation with media in Odesa. "We have certain elaborations on modernization of ships, their equipment with precision weapons, new means of radio-electronic warfare that will make these ships more efficient," the Head of State noted.Press office of President

23 OCTOBER 2014 16:31President declared war against corruption and smugglingIn the course of the working visit to Odesa region, the President had a meeting with heads of law enforcement bodies on the struggle against smuggling and corruption at the customs. The Head of State noted that he would put an end to corruption schemes at the customs and make everything to simplify the import of goods in Ukraine.Press office of President

23 OCTOBER 2014 15:55President appointed Viktor Nazarenko Head of the State Border ServicePresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted that he had appointed Lieutenant-General Viktor Nazarenko Head of the State Border Service of Ukraine. Earlier Viktor Nazarenko occupied the post of the First Deputy Head of the State Border Service. It was stated by the President in Odessa after the meeting on struggle against corruption and smuggling at the customs.Press office of President

22 OCTOBER 2014 23:30President of Ukraine continued phone consultations with Federal Chancellor of GermanyPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko continued phone consultations with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. The parties discussed the situation in the Donbas, particularly the fulfillment of Minsk protocol and Minsk memorandum, on the eve of the meeting of the European Council that will be held in Brussels on October 23-24.Press office of President

22 OCTOBER 2014 20:06President of Ukraine had a phone conversation with President of the European CommissionThe President of Ukraine expressed gratitude to the President of the European Commission and President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy for their strong support of Ukraine in the course of multilateral negotiations on peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas at the ASEM Summit of October 17 in Milan.Press office of President

22 OCTOBER 2014 17:49President instructed security officials to ensure legal order during electionsAt the meeting with heads of security forces, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed to ensure legal order and voting right of the ATO participants in the course of the elections of October 26. "Efficient cooperation of security ministries and institutions must ensure free expression of will of citizens all over the country," Petro Poroshenko said.Press office of President

22 OCTOBER 2014 17:21President instructed to dismiss Deputy Prosecutor-General and Deputy Minister of the InteriorPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with heads of security forces. In the course of the meeting, the Head of State instructed to dismiss the Deputy Prosecutor-General, the Deputy Minister of the Interior and make staffing decisions on certain officials of the Security Service and other security forces.Press office of President

21 OCTOBER 2014 20:09Petro Poroshenko presented "Strategy of Reforms 2020" in DnipropetrovskThe Head of State underlined his readiness and will to implement reforms aimed at compliance with criteria of the EU in 2020. "The goal is 2020. The year when the EU will meet the Ukrainian demand on granting the prospect of membership," the President noted.Press office of President

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