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22 OCTOBER 2014 17:49President instructed security officials to ensure legal order during electionsAt the meeting with heads of security forces, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed to ensure legal order and voting right of the ATO participants in the course of the elections of October 26. "Efficient cooperation of security ministries and institutions must ensure free expression of will of citizens all over the country," Petro Poroshenko said.Press office of President

22 OCTOBER 2014 17:21President instructed to dismiss Deputy Prosecutor-General and Deputy Minister of the InteriorPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with heads of security forces. In the course of the meeting, the Head of State instructed to dismiss the Deputy Prosecutor-General, the Deputy Minister of the Interior and make staffing decisions on certain officials of the Security Service and other security forces.Press office of President

21 OCTOBER 2014 20:09Petro Poroshenko presented "Strategy of Reforms 2020" in DnipropetrovskThe Head of State underlined his readiness and will to implement reforms aimed at compliance with criteria of the EU in 2020. "The goal is 2020. The year when the EU will meet the Ukrainian demand on granting the prospect of membership," the President noted.Press office of President

21 OCTOBER 2014 19:21President stands for the establishment of expert agency on risk insurance of Ukrainian exporters"An expert agency that will insure risks of Ukrainian producers who enter foreign markets should be present in the structure of Ukrainian governmental bodies. It will be done at the cost of the state," Petro Poroshenko said in the course of his speech at the meeting with representatives of industrial enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk region.Press office of President

21 OCTOBER 2014 18:08Petro Poroshenko: Products of "Pivdenmash" will be included in the state defense order"I instruct to make amendments to the state defense order and initiate funding of production of precision weapons, cruise missiles and tactical weapons," the Head of State said in the course of the working visit to Dnipropetrovsk.Press office of President

21 OCTOBER 2014 17:22President signed Law on inevitability of punishment for certain crimes"Starting from tomorrow, our public prosecution, investigative agencies and courts will finally have an opportunity to bring to justice those who robbed our people and make respective steps regarding their property gained in illegal way and regarding the arrest of their bank accounts. They must bear responsibility for the events provoked by them in Ukraine. They must be punished for their crimes against the people of Ukraine in full compliance with the Constitution and the international law," the Head of State emphasized.Press office of President

21 OCTOBER 2014 16:31President of Ukraine had a phone conversation with President of RussiaOn the occasion of energy consultations in Brussels, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation with President of Russia Vladimir Putin.Press office of President

21 OCTOBER 2014 15:47President discussed development of space industry at DB "Pivdenne" of DnipropetrovskIn the course of the working visit to Dnipropetrovsk region, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited state enterprise K.M. Yanhel DB "Pivdenne". The Head of State held a meeting on problems, prospects and development of space industry. General Director of the enterprise Oleksandr Dehtiariov presented projects in aerospace, defense-industrial and transport spheres.Press office of President

20 OCTOBER 2014 21:19President instructed to begin heating season this weekAt the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services Volodymyr Groysman, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed to begin heating of all houses in the country by the end of this week. "By Friday each Ukrainian home must be heated. Radiators must be warm," the Head of State emphasized. The President noted that the given task "is the responsibility of local government".Press office of President

20 OCTOBER 2014 16:57President: Factory "Photoprylad" was included to the program of state order for 2015"On my insistence, "Photoprylad" was included to the state defense order for 2015. It means that we will do everything for this enterprise to work," the Head of State noted in the course of the examination of the plant in Cherkasy. According to him, the given enterprise can produce night vision devices and thermal imagery devices that have the same characteristics as the foreign ones but are much cheaper. He believes that there is no need to buy precision optical equipment abroad, because Ukrainian enterprises can ensure its production.Press office of President

20 OCTOBER 2014 16:23Petro Poroshenko: Parliament must ensure participation of ATO warriors in electionsPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko considers actions of MPs who didn't vote for the amendments to the law on elections that ensure the will expression of servicemen in the ATO area during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of October 26 irresponsible. "It is immoral for MPs to deprive warriors of the right to vote. I will do everything for the warriors to be able to vote. Both government and opposition must respect them," the President said to journalists in the course of the working visit to Cherkasy region. He emphasizes that servicemen enjoy the biggest authority and trust of people, thus, they must have the right to express their will.Press office of President

20 OCTOBER 2014 15:35President: Ukrainian border guards defend eastern border of the whole EuropePresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that Ukrainian border guards defend not only the area on the Ukrainian-Russian border, but also the eastern border of the entire Europe, the eastern boundary of freedom and democracy. It was stated by the President in the course of the working visit to Cherkasy region. Addressing the border guards in the Training center of the State Border Service, the Head of State stressed that the eastern border should become impermeable not only for interventionists, terrorists and weapons, but also for drugs, illegal traffic and migration.Press office of President

18 OCTOBER 2014 23:57President notes importance of rapid formation of a powerful coalition of democratic forces in new Verkhovna RadaThe President notes importance of immediate formation of a powerful coalition of democratic forces in the future Parliament. In the interview to the Ukrainian TV channels, the Head of State informed that he had set a task for his political force to elaborate a draft coalition agreement in which clear principles and criteria must be defined. "If we form a coalition of political forces based on European integration, Strategy 2020, rapid and efficient introduction of judicial reform, struggle against corruption, introduction of favorable investment climate - those things without which Ukraine will not survive, let's build a team jointly," the Head of State said.Press office of President

18 OCTOBER 2014 21:40President: Ukraine will have gas in winterPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko states that Ukraine will be with gas and heat in winter. Negotiations with Russian representatives in Milan were devoted to this issue. The Head of State considers them with "cautious optimism". In his interview to the Ukrainian TV channels, the President noted: "Following consultations, I can say that Ukraine will be with gas and heat. This was the conclusion of our arrangements yesterday. It was achieved on conditions of protection of Ukrainian national interests".Press office of President

18 OCTOBER 2014 21:35President: We are beginning the restoration of the work of border crossing points on the Ukrainian-Russian borderIn the coming days, we will begin restoring the work of border crossing points on the Ukrainian-Russian border. It was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the interview to the Ukrainian TV channels when commenting on the results of Milan consultations. According to him, a group of border guards and customs officers are in the ATO area now and they are ready to take up their duties on the checkpoint "Izvaryne".Press office of President

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