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1 AUGUST 2014 21:29President signed the Law "On Higher Education"The law defines conceptual foundations of the modernization of higher education - the integration of higher education of Ukraine into Europe through the implementation of the provisions and principles of the Bologna process; quality assurance in higher education through the development of an independent quality assurance system; integration of education, research and innovation; autonomy of higher education institutions; cooperation between universities, business and science by introducing innovative mechanisms of the interaction of education, science, business and government.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 21:24President signs the amendments to the State Budget and Tax CodePress office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 21:04Ukraine is now being supported by the whole world - Petro Poroshenko"Today we have direct dialogue with all the EU leaders", he said. Evidence of this is the introduction of the third-level sanctions against Russia, the removal of the embargo on the supply of non-lethal protection goods to Ukraine, and so on.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 20:59President: All those involved in terrorism in the Donbas should be held accountable"There must be accountability, both financial and criminal. No title, ties, parliamentary seats should not protected from such accountability", he said.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 20:54The President appreciated the support of Ukrainian Army by the volunteers"Army wins when it has high morale and extremely high level of support in the community. Volunteers are a symbol of such support", he said in an interview with Ukrainian TV channels.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 20:23The responsibility for the events in Maydan do not have limitation period - Petro Poroshenko"There is no doubt that the responsibility for the events in the square will not fade away", he told in the interview to the Ukrainian TV channels. He expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of investigation into the events of that time. However, he called the "right move" the restoration of the criminal proceedings against participants of Maydan dispel which have been terminated earlier.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 20:13Crimea was, is and will be Ukrainian - PresidentWhen asked whether Ukrainian government intends to file a claim to the International Court of Justice against Russia for the annexation of the Crimea and what will be the amount of compensation for losses that are on its territory, the President said: "The Crimea is not for sale. There can be no way that Ukraine has received some money and gave up the Crimea. They may not expect for it. Ukrainian land and Ukraine are not for sale", he emphasied.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 20:04President of Ukraine hold phone talk with Prime Minister of MalaysiaPetro Poroshenko informed Najib Razak about the work of international experts, including Malaysian, which have now been working for a second day at the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines aircraft. The parties have discussed the involvement of Malaysian civil police contingent, following the examples of Australia and the Netherlands, which will contribute to secure operation of the experts and independent transparent investigation.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 20:03President canceled numerous benefits for the residents of the elite settlements of Concha Zaspa and Pusha-Vodytsya"More than 40 million of hryvnas is annually is spent to ensure a comfortable life of the hundred of people. I think that in terms of the military action it is immoral", said the Head of State in an interview to the Ukrainian TV channels.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 19:25In order to win, we need unity - President on the parliamentary electionsPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that parliamentary elections should take place "in any case", as the country is in extreme need of unity and a new parliament, which will work to win, and to implement the reforms as fast as possible. According to the President, the recent sociological studies demonstrate that 82 percent of people do not just support, they require the parliamentary elections, believing that it is absolutely necessary condition for the modernization of the country and restart of state power. "It is the most effective mechanism of lustration, when it is conducted not by certain designated representatives, some of which are either raiders or corrupted officials. THe mechanism of restart or lustration is started, when the single carrier of the state authorities in Ukraine - the Ukrainian people - determines the composition of the future parliament", said the President.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 19:00President Poroshenko informed Vice President Biden on the recent developments in DonbasPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with the US Vice President Joseph Biden, during which they have discussed the situation in Donbas and the course of the international investigation into the circumstances of the flight MH17 shootdown. In particular, the Head of State informed that experts accompanied by the OSCE Mission have reached the crash site of the plane, and for a second day are working at the crash site. He noted that access and safe operation of the experts were madepossible through a unilateral ceasefire by Ukrainian side in the 20 kilometers area ofthe crash site, and the appropriate agreement with the rebels during the last tripartite meeting of the contact group in Minsk.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 17:34The President gave an interview to Ukrainian TV channelsIn the course of the meeting the political situation in the country was discussed, including the issues of overcoming government-parliamentary crisis, extraordinary parliamentary elections, the urgency of the reforms, and international politics and the situation in the Eastern Ukraine.Press office of President

1 AUGUST 2014 16:33President Poroshenko and Chancellor Merkel welcome strong and consolidated position of the EUPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a phone consultation with the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. The President thanked the Chancellor for her considerable efforts to consolidate support for Ukraine by the EU, and decisive steps to resolve the situation in the Donbas. "We acted decisively, and it was the consolidated approach", said Angela Merkel.Press office of President

31 JULY 2014 17:43President held a meeting with the executives of law enforcement agenciesPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a meeting with the heads of law enforcement agencies, where the course of the counter-terrorist operation in Donbass was discussed. The Head of State evaluated positively the recent achievements of Ukrainian military in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. "Last week we conducted a number of important operations which led to specific results. Over sixty settlements were liberated", he said at the beginning of the meeting.Press office of President

31 JULY 2014 16:49International experts started work on the "Malaysia Airlines" crash site - President of UkrainePresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, and Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott.
Petro Poroshenko informed the Heads of Government of the Netherlands and Australia that despite the resistance of the rebels, a group of inspectors consisting 8 OSCE representatives, 2 representatives of Australia, and 2 representatives of the Netherlands, has been granted access to the crash site of the downed aircraft MH17. Having performed its functions, at 16.02 today the group has securely returned to the safe zone at the base point. Mission has been accomplished successfully.
Press office of President

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