President of Ukraine

President: Conclusion of FTA Agreement with Canada is the recognition of progress of our state on the track of reforms

14 March 2017 - 11:39

President Petro Poroshenko praised ratification of the FTA Agreement between Ukraine and Canada by the Verkhovna Rada and called it a historic moment for the Ukraine-Canada relations.

“Conclusion of FTA Agreement with Canada is the recognition of progress of our state on the track of reforms. It is a symbol of trust in principles and values of doing business that are being formed in Ukraine under the best standards and practices,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

The Head of State thanked Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau for cooperation and commitment to enhance relations with our country and Chrystia Freeland – Minister of Trade and present Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

“This is the day of ratification of the FTA Agreement elaborated jointly with our Canadian friends. This Agreements initiates a symbolic Transatlantic bridge of free trade. Thus, Ukrainian business will get access to the North American market. And this provides for the increase of the Ukrainian exports,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized. The President also noted that the entry into force of the Agreement will lead to the increase of foreign direct investment in Ukraine, creation of new jobs in construction, industry and trade, as well as duty-free access to 98% commodity positions on the Canadian market.

The Head of State emphasized that the ratification of the Agreement provides for the formation of the free-trade triangle Ukraine-Canada-EU, as the formation of the free trade area between Canada and the European Union is about to be completed. “And it is a common commercial field and common frontline of mutual support,” the President said.  

Petro Poroshenko also stressed: “The Agreement is a very important response to the Russian hybrid aggression, which threatens not only Ukraine, but also the EU countries, Canada and the whole Free World, which is the evidence of our unbroken Transatlantic unity and solidarity”.

The President noted the importance of continuing Unifier training mission for Ukrainian military for two more years – up to 2019 and expressed gratitude to the Canadian party for that decision.

“This is a firm and decisive signal to the aggressor that Ukraine will not be broken by any pressure. Free World keeps on standing on the position of support for Ukraine,” Petro Poroshenko said adding that the FTA Agreement with Canada will become an important signal for our international partners and potential investors all over the world.