President of Ukraine

President: Participants of “blockade” in the east first of all cause damage to the state

16 February 2017 - 15:13

President: Participants of “blockade” in the east first of all cause damage to the state

Participants of blockade of the railway connection on the delimitation line with the occupied territories first of all cause damage to the state, as stated by President Petro Poroshenko.

“Absolutely irresponsible actions of state-mongers who organized cynical PR on blood for themselves have caused direct threats to energy security of the state. In addition, this is not only related to the energy sphere,” the Head of State noted at the NSDC session.

“They “defend” the Ukrainian metallurgy from the Ukrainian coke, Ukrainian families – from Ukrainian heating, Ukrainian houses from Ukrainian light, Ukrainians from jobs and Ukraine from stability,” he added.

The President reminded that the lack of energy coal has caused problems with energy supply of several cities: Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kramatorsk, Kremenchuk, Sumy.

According to Petro Poroshenko, risks for metallurgic enterprises are obvious, because some of them have to reduce production due to the lack of raw materials. The Head of State emphasized that such a situation poses a threat to the reduction of foreign exchange earnings, as the annual volume of such earnings in metallurgy exceeds 2 billion dollars. “There is no need in explaining the aftermath for the exchange rate policy, inflation and welfare of every Ukrainian,” the Head of State said.

The President added: “They create an image of a weak state, chaos and anarchy, when the country is not able to ensure order. And this image is brought to foreign media”.

Besides, such actions discredit Ukraine in the eyes of people living in the temporarily occupied territories and create barriers for the further reintegration and return of the occupied territories.

“They do not block certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. They block Ukraine, block our struggle for restoration of territorial integrity,” he said.

“We must return these territories in a political and diplomatic manner. And there is a false position of state-mongers who say that we must cut off this territory and de-facto make it a gift for the invader. You didn’t collect these lands and it is not for you to cut them off,” the President stressed.

The Head of State reminded that in June 2015, a clear list of commodities banned for transportation across the delimitation line was approved by the NSDC and submitted to the Government and Anti-Terrorist Center.

Later on, this list was increased and now it is planned to include radio goods and building materials in the list to prevent the construction of fortifications by the militants.

The President informed that the partners of Ukraine from the EU and USA strongly condemn this blockade.