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You demonstrate what the future of Ukraine should be - the President to the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership students

11 June 2018 - 18:06

You demonstrate what the future of Ukraine should be - the President to the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership students

President Petro Poroshenko met with students of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. During the conversation with young boys and girls from different corners of Ukraine, which UAL united, the Head of State highly appreciated their activities and leadership qualities.

"Thank you very much for demonstrating what the future of Ukraine should be. And this is a very big responsibility. And when anyone comes to Ukraine and visits the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership they see fantastic eyes, dreams and see value, see "I am a leader" and see people who know exactly what they want the state to be"- said Poroshenko.

"They do not expect someone will create this state. They are confident that they are capable of creating this state. Noone except them, will create our Ukraine", he added.

The President said he maintain the same position: "I want to emphasize that I think so. I feel myself among you that we are members of a single team of patriots, professionals, dreamers."

According to the Head of State, leaders-dreamers contribute to the realization of the issues they work and believe on. Such a people made it possible what many Ukrainians dreamed about and believed in - exactly a year ago, on June 11, Ukraine, after fulfilling 144 points of the Action Plan, received visa-free regime with EU countries, Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

He reminded that on July 9, the Ukraine-EU summit will be take place. The President expressed his conviction that Ukraine should be integrated into Europe. "And it's not just roaming when you're traveling abroad. This is the absence of barriers, borders", the President said. In his opinion, in the future, Ukraine should be a member of the Energy Union, the Customs Union, the Schengen Union of EU.

During the meeting, Petro Poroshenko answered questions from the students who were interested in different spheres of country life, Presidential experience and what does it take to become a leader, a president.

"The main thing we need is faith and enthusiasm. And I think it is very well taught here. I am very pleased that there is the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. They say that you are very few. It is so? Definitely not. They started from Kiev, then Mykolaiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Poltava. Step by step. Why? We do not stop. This is the movement that began after the Revolution of Dignity. Rubicon passed. Despite what one may think", - concluded the Head of State.