President of Ukraine

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The Ukrainian troops are doing everything to stop the offensive of the occupiers. As much as possible. As much as the heavy weapons, modern artillery - all that we have asked and continue to ask our partners for - allow them to.

"I can't build a comfortable state for you without you. I can build a state for all of us, for our generation, for the elderly. We can build a modern country, but it is impossible to build the future without the younger generation," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

Russia's goal is to erase all associations about Ukraine except the war. Ukraine without the past, without the bright moments of the present, and therefore without the right to the future. But it will lose. We are fighting for our future, they are fighting for someone else's past.

The Deputy Head of the Office of the President also shared his views on the support for granting this status to Ukraine by a number of Balkan countries, which are also moving towards EU accession.

The President thanked the Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom for the effective support for Ukraine by the British government in our fight against Russian aggression. Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed that Great Britain is a true friend of Ukraine. This was especially evident after the beginning of Russia's unprovoked brutal aggression against our state.

During the speech, the First Lady showed photos and told the stories of Ukrainian women related to Russia's war against our state.

The aggressor must feel the power of the democratic world, the power of international law as soon as he intends to violate the existing basic norms.

The meeting included an online conference with Andriy Yermak, Patrick Desbois and representatives of the Simon Wiesenthal Center on the investigation of Russia's war crimes during the invasion of Ukraine.

Of course, I understand that in some of our regions now, any economic activity - official or nonofficial - is a matter of mere survival. But if we talk about the normal, stable and strong life of society, the work of the state, our defense, we must understand: there are those who serve, and there are those who provide with their work those who serve.

We must continue to use all instruments of pressure on Russia, both at the level of international organizations and at the level of countries, to stop its aggressive policy.