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Today we managed to release six more of our citizens from Russian captivity. I am thankful to everyone who ensures this work! Today we have new results on the frontline. Today we received additional elements of aid from partners.

Mark Hamill, known for playing the iconic hero Luke Skywalker, has become an ambassador for the UNITED24 fundraising platform. He will support the Army of Drones project.

No one has to take part in a disgraceful war. Dagestanis do not have to die in Ukraine. Chechens, Ingush, Ossetians, Circassians and any other peoples who came under the Russian flag. I'm sure you want to live. I'm sure you're tired of being lied to. I’m sure you know that it is necessary to fight now!

The President noted that the first-ever visit of the head of the lower house of the French Parliament to Ukraine, which is taking place at a crucial time for our country, is clear evidence of solidarity on the part of the French Republic, support for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The main topic of the negotiations was the sham referenda organized by the Russian aggressor in the occupied territories. The interlocutors discussed in detail the appropriate reaction to sham referenda.

The key attention was paid to the international reaction to the sham "referenda" held by Russia in the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Ukraine is determined to return all territories temporarily occupied by Russia, despite sham referenda held there and threats by the Russian military-political leadership to use nuclear weapons. This was stated by Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mykhailo Podolyak in an interview with the Associated Press.

On the 81st anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy honored the memory of all the victims of the mass executions of civilians by the Nazis in occupied Kyiv during World War II. The President also honored the memory of the Jews shot by the Nazis in Babyn Yar by putting an icon lamp next to the Menorah memorial sign.

The International Working Group on Russian Sanctions has developed the fifth Paper of the Working Group on the topic "The Case for Designating the Russian Federation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism".

I am sure we will be able to guarantee the future of democracy, we will be able to protect it. We will, because we know what gives democracy strength, what serves as its heart, ensuring the supply of freedom, like blood, to every part of a democratic society - to every person. This is unity. Unity is the most important thing.