President of Ukraine

When we say "patriots" in Ukraine and in the United States, we equally mean the protection of the state and people - address by the President of Ukraine

22 December 2022 - 18:06

When we say

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Today will be a very short address and in unusual conditions, but as always - about what we have achieved.

We are returning from Washington - we are coming with good results. With something that will really help.

When we say "patriots" in Ukraine and in the United States, we equally mean the protection of the state and people. This issue has been settled for Ukraine. There is financial support too.

Also there are other agreements - more on that later.

I thank President Biden for his help, his international leadership, and his determination to win.

I am grateful to the Congress of the United States - both houses, both parties, all those who support Ukraine, all those who want victory as much as we all do. There will be victory!

Glory to each of our warriors! Glory to everyone who defends our state! We are bringing to Ukraine, to Donbas, to Bakhmut and to the south the decisions that our Defense Forces have been waiting for.

On the way home, I met with President of Poland Andrzej Duda. I thanked him, all Poles, the city - rescuer Rzeszów for everything they do for Ukraine and our protection - the protection of Europe.

Today, in a special format, face to face, we discussed our interaction with Andrzej. I told him about what I heard in the United States, about our strategic vision for the next year... We are preparing, strengthening our joint forces.

And one more thing - today is a professional holiday of people who give us normality, modernity and exactly the level of well-being that the terrorist state wants to destroy. Today is the Day of Energy Workers. I congratulate all of you, defenders of the Ukrainian light, and thank you for your work. We also bring new agreements to help you!

Glory to Ukraine!