President of Ukraine

When terrorists attack, everyone who values life must stand in solidarity – address by the President of Ukraine

7 October 2023 - 21:32

When terrorists attack, everyone who values life must stand in solidarity – address by the President of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians!

Today, since morning, I have been in constant contact with our diplomats and intelligence.

Due to the terrorist attack on Israel and the threat to our citizens in Israel, an operational headquarters has been established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. All agencies and our embassy are monitoring information about Ukrainian citizens who may be in danger.

As of now, the information about the possible death of one Ukrainian citizen is being verified and the search for two of our citizens is underway.

As soon as the details regarding these people are verified, Ukrainian diplomats will announce it to the public.

Please, dear Ukrainians, if you are in Israel now, be as careful as possible. Follow the instructions of the security forces and take care of yourself and others around you. If you need anything, please contact our embassy by any means available to you – Ukraine will help all its people, no matter what.

Today, the whole world has seen horrific footage from Israel – footage of terrorists abusing women and men, taking even the elderly hostage without mercy... My condolences to all those whose loved ones have been killed! I wish a speedy recovery to everyone wounded.

When such a terrorist attack occurs, everyone who values life must stand in solidarity.

We in Ukraine are particularly sensitive to what has happened. Thousands of missiles in the sky of Israel... People killed right in the streets... Riddled cars with civilians... Abuse of hostages... Unfortunately, terror has also brought all this to the streets of Ukrainian cities and villages... Our position is absolutely clear: anywhere in the world, anyone who brings terror and death must be held accountable.

Today's terrorist attack on Israel was thoroughly prepared, and the whole world understands which sponsors of terror could have encouraged and organized this attack.

Israel has every right to protect itself from terror. So does any other state. And it is very important for the whole world to respond to terror in a united and principled fashion.

No support for terrorists! Wherever they aim their missiles and whomever they attack, terrorists must lose. And this is important for the whole world. Human life, peace and tranquility of nations are equally important everywhere – in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Everywhere.

Let the value of human life and the intolerance of terror be the principles that will finally unite the whole world.

Glory to Ukraine!