President of Ukraine

Current events

Petro Poroshenko thanked the King for the political support, solidarity and practical assistance to Ukraine in countering the external aggression. In the context of commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor victims of 1932-1933, Petro Poroshenko emphasized the importance of Belgium recognizing Holodomor as crime against the Ukrainian people.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko started a two-day working visit to Brussels to participate in the Fifth Eastern Partnership Summit.

President Petro Poroshenko signed a Decree on the appointment of Roman Truba Director of the State Bureau of Investigation. The Head of State emphasized: “I am confident that you must ensure full independence of the State Bureau of Investigation”.

The President thanked for a strong and reliable support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. The parties discussed ways to overcome Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The Head of State heard the report on the recent developments from the senior military officials, particularly as regards the illegal crossing of the Ukrainian border in Krasnodon district of Luhansk region by Russian tanks, as well as the increasing frequency of provocations by militants.

“We have considered the given law with the Verkhovna Rada in record time and I am honored to sign this law today in your presence,” Petro Poroshenko said in the meeting with the participants of the Revolution of Dignity.

“The day after tomorrow I will depart to the Eastern Partnership Summit to identify new intermediate goals and frontiers on the European path. But the ultimate goal is clearly known - full-fledged membership in the most prestigious alliance of the world, the final return of Ukraine to the European home. The Association Agreement with the European Union, the road map of reforms will bring us closer to this perspective,” the Head of State emphasized.

“It is logical to celebrate your professional holiday on November 21. The usual August 2 is the date of the first jump of paratroopers in the Moscow Military District. How is it about us? Moscow is not Kyiv. As well as "Ukraine is not Russia," Petro Poroshenko said.

A solemn ceremony of taking oath by Ukrainian paratroopers was held in Kyiv with participation of President Petro Poroshenko. In the course of the ceremony our warriors received new berets.

President Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna Poroshenko took part in the ceremony of honoring memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.