President of Ukraine

Today We Have a Significant Achievement on Our Way to the European Union — the Address by the President

21 June 2024 - 19:58

Today We Have a Significant Achievement on Our Way to the European Union — the Address by the President

Dear Ukrainians!

Today – our words of gratitude. In particular, to the entire team of Ukraine that works for the sake of our country and people in the European direction. Today we have a significant achievement on our way to the European Union — the things we had planned for this half of the year are being fully implemented. The European Union has approved a negotiating framework for Ukraine — we fought hard for this at various levels. And it is this framework that determines the format and procedure of accession negotiations with our country. And next week, the negotiations will actually begin. These are indeed historic things. Ukraine is and will always be a part of a united Europe. Today I have approved the composition of the Ukrainian delegation for the start of accession negotiations.

I also want to congratulate Moldova — all the people of Moldova and Madam President Sandu. Today, the EU negotiating framework for Moldova has also been approved. And it is important that every country, every society that truly professes European values and aspires to real European strength — that every such nation — be together with all the others in a united Europe.

I have just spoken with President of Poland Duda. I thanked him for his support of our country: our defense, our progress towards the European Union, and our global initiative — the Peace Summit. We discussed our next joint steps, diverse steps. In particular, our positions before the NATO Summit in Washington, D.C. Moreover, we are preparing further steps to implement the points of the Peace Formula. We also appreciate the fact that Poland can help us to involve other states — those that have not yet joined our common international work for peace. Everyone's efforts can bring results for all.

Of course, there was a lot of attention on the front today — our military, our prospects. Among other things, there was a report by the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service. There was a report by the Commander-in-Chief. I'm proud of all our people who are repelling the Russian attacks with great resilience and great courage. The situation in the Kharkiv region is even more stabilized. And this is thanks to our warriors. The situation in the Donetsk region is extremely difficult. Especially the Pokrovsk direction, with dozens of Russian attacks every day. It is very important to withstand there, to destroy the occupier and not to give Russia any reason to hope for any success in its war against Ukraine. We can and must fight to ensure results for Ukraine. In everything. Always. Whenever there is an opportunity, whenever there are chances, and whenever we ourselves have to create our own chances for victory. For the success of Ukraine.

And our gratitude today to the National Team.

Every time the guys push, try, and strive to win, everything works out. I spoke with them today before the match, with Serhiy Rebrov and Andriy Shevchenko, with the guys. I truly hoped for a good result for Ukraine, for our people, so that everyone would feel supported. Every victory is important on the way to our victory. And today we have this result of the National Team!

I thank everyone who gives strength to Ukraine! I thank everyone who fights and believes — believes that we will gain victory!

Glory to Ukraine!