President of Ukraine

PCR tests for coronavirus will have been delivered to the laboratories across the country by the end of Monday

23 March 2020 - 15:38

Ukraine is provided with PCR tests for coronavirus for more than 10 days. This week there will be several more shipments of tests and medical equipment to the country.

The IL-76 military aircraft that returned from China on Monday night delivered the first shipment of medical supplies to Ukraine. In particular, two types of tests: for PCR and for rapid diagnosis.

The first 250,000 rapid tests will be distributed as follows: around 100,000 will be sent to critical units and organizations - primarily to the existing units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Border Service, the National Guard and the police. The rest will be provided to hospitals set as basic for anti-epidemic measures. If a rapid test detects COVID-19, doctors must take an additional sample to confirm it in the laboratory using a PCR test.

The PCR test is one of the most accurate methods of diagnosis, because it allows to detect the infection even with the minimum content of its strains in biological material. The first part of the PCR tests will have been delivered to the laboratories of all regions of Ukraine by the end of Monday, according to an analysis of their urgent needs. Ukrainian laboratories are provided with these tests for more than 10 days.

IL-76 also delivered the first 80 thousand respirators and 10 thousand hazmat suits, which have already been sent to the doctors and emergency doctors in different regions of Ukraine.

In addition, artificial lung ventilation equipment was purchased and delivered to Ukraine from China. They will be transferred to healthcare facilities where there is an urgent need for this equipment.

Also, the first batch of medical supplies included 500,000 three-layer masks for the needs of servicemen, police officers, the State Border Service and other services having direct contact with the population.

This week, the next deliveries of test systems and other medical equipment from abroad are expected, as well as the purchase of domestic tests is planned.

In addition, pursuant to the instruction of the Office of the President, large batches of medical supplies are constantly being delivered to Ukraine by special aircrafts that evacuate Ukrainian citizens to homeland from hubs designated by the Ministry of Infrastructure.