President of Ukraine

Despite various challenges, Ukraine has managed to keep our struggle for independence in the focus of international attention – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

27 January 2024 - 19:40

Despite various challenges, Ukraine has managed to keep our struggle for independence in the focus of international attention – address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainians!

This day, this week is coming to an end. It's time to summarize the first outcomes of January – for Ukraine and our relationships with partners.

Despite various challenges and many difficulties, Ukraine has had success in keeping our Ukrainian struggle for independence in the focus of international attention. We have added even more resilience to our state – a key argument in international communication. It's about what you are capable of, what you can endure, and what you can overcome. The world pays attention to the resilient and bold.

First, this month we signed an ambitious security agreement with the United Kingdom. It now serves as a baseline reference point for working with other partners. Negotiations for new security agreements concerning bilateral documents implementing the G7 security declaration are ongoing – and not only with European states. I am confident that soon there will be new results regarding the provision of security commitments to Ukraine. I'm grateful to all our partners who are assisting.

Second, practically in this month, our teams from Ukraine and Poland have reset relations. We have a good understanding of each other, clear benchmarks that are important for our societies and security interests. By the way, Poland has joined the G7 security declaration, with a total of 32 countries now working with us in this direction.

Third, there is a positive result in relations with the European Union. Substantial preparations for the start of negotiations have begun – the process of screening of Ukrainian legislation. It is the official assessment of Ukrainian legal acts for compliance with EU law. There is already an understanding of the schedule of meetings and all the necessary next steps. It is important for the Ukrainian government team to be sufficiently mobilized for this work: Ukraine is interested in achieving as much results as possible in relations with Europe this year.

Fourth, I am grateful to Switzerland for very good, fruitful negotiations during the visit, as well as for the effective organization of the advisors' meeting regarding the Peace Formula. An agreement has been reached on organizing the first Peace Summit at the leaders' level in Switzerland. Very active contacts regarding this continue. It's a truly powerful narrative – we are working on it.

Fifth, defense packages for Ukraine. We have seen decent trends over the month. Of course, we need more to gain control in the sky and greater capabilities on the ground, especially in artillery. But no matter how difficult it is for us, we have deliveries of artillery, missiles, and ammunition for air defense. I thank every country supporting our soldiers, protecting Ukrainian lives. Hundreds of Russian missiles and drones have been shot down this month. And we continue to work with our partners. We await the appropriate decision from the United States – it's crucial for us.

I thank every country that announced new support packages at the recent Ramstein meeting, including nine support packages and, in particular, some critical items for our defense. We are already preparing for more agreements with partners in February.

I would like separately emphasize the results of talks with partners regarding Russian assets: this month, we have come closer to the decision we need, one that will be fair. All Russian assets – those of the state-terrorist and associated individuals – frozen in various jurisdictions, should work to protect against Russian aggression. They must be confiscated. We are doing everything to ensure that this decision is well prepared in the near future. Thank you to everyone who is helping us advance this mechanism of justice.

And of course, sanctions. A new European Union sanctions package is needed, and we are preparing it. We are also preparing new steps to limit Russia's ability to bypass sanctions.

Every manifestation of pressure on Russia is a step toward peace. Every act of assistance to Ukraine is protection of lives. I am grateful to everyone standing with Ukraine! Thank you to all who fight and work for our state, our independence, and our people!

Glory to Ukraine!