President of Ukraine

Extraordinary message of the President of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada

29 August 2019 - 17:32

Extraordinary message of the President of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada

Distinguished people’s deputies! Fellow Ukrainians!

My congratulations to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IX convocation on taking office. It's so unusual to see this hall packed.

I would like it to be this way always, not only when there is a standing dinner on the occasion of a solemn session. Start working!

Fellow Ukrainians! Recently, 100 days of my presidential term have passed. There were many different assessments, but believe me, I am the most critical about myself. This period can be called a quiet stroll, at dusk, with the headlights off and in first gear.

I am sure that now the country will finally be able to switch to the fifth gear and embark confidently on the path of change. I am very pleased that we have a Parliament willing to work for real. Not to engage in populism, not to disrupt important decisions with thousands of meaningless amendments, but to implement real reforms long-awaited by both citizens of Ukraine and the entire civilized world.

I am pleased that a capable and effective government will emerge in the near future. The government, which will present the program of action before the approval of the annual investment programs of international investors. Therefore, Ukraine will be a focus of their attention.

Dear people’s deputies! In fact, congratulations to you would be a bit of malevolence. The level of trust in the new Parliament is enormous, thus, the level of responsibility and expectations is even greater. There are numerous challenges and tasks ahead. The introduction of democracy, the long-awaited abolition of parliamentary immunity and the law on impeachment. An efficient reform of the law enforcement bodies and judiciary. The continuation of decentralization and European integration reforms.

The liberalization of economy, creation of a powerful investment magnet to attract foreign investment. Building a digital state in a smartphone when queues at state institutions and hellish bureaucracy remain in the past. Elimination of raiding, monopolies and smuggling. Gaining real energy independence, energy efficiency and solving tariff problems. Development of industry, agrarian sector, infrastructure, medicine. Improving our education and reviving Ukrainian science.

And most importantly - strengthening national security and defense, ending the war in Donbas and returning Crimea annexed by the Russian Federation.

Society expects all that, and we have to do it. It is already clear that the Parliament of this convocation will go down in history. The question is - how exactly? You have every chance of getting into the textbooks as the Parliament that has done the incredible, that has implemented everything that hadn’t been done in the previous 28 years. As the Parliament where there were no fights, absenteeism, piano voting. Just constructive and daily hard work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people.

Otherwise you will go down in history as the Parliament, which lasted the least. One year. In fact, this is your probation period. Believe me, I already know that dissolving the Verkhovna Rada is not so scary. However, I sincerely hope this will not happen. Let's do it together! Thank you! Glory to Ukraine!


Participation in the first session of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation

29 August 2019 - 20:04