President of Ukraine

President met with Chairman of Japan-Ukraine Friendship Parliamentary Association

23 October 2019 - 08:20

President met with Chairman of Japan-Ukraine Friendship Parliamentary Association

During his working visit to Japan, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Chairman of the Japan-Ukraine Friendship Parliamentary Association Eisuke Mori and members of the Association.

The Head of State thanked for a consistent policy of the Government and Parliament of Japan aimed to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, in particular in the framework of international organizations, as well as for the large-scale humanitarian and financial assistance of Japan to structural reforms.

“We highly appreciate your country's assistance in rebuilding Donbas and supporting internally displaced persons from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. I feel a friendly attitude on your part,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

The parties also discussed opportunities for deepening economic and investment cooperation.

The interlocutors touched upon the issue of cooperation in the framework of the implementation of infrastructure projects in Ukraine, as well as mutually beneficial projects in the fields of energy, transport, agriculture, environment, etc. 

“Today, we need to modernize and unite Ukraine. To this end, many laws were passed by our Parliament. For example, the law on concession, as we need to restore and modernize Ukrainian infrastructure: ports, railways, roads, bridges, dams,” the Head of State emphasized.

The President also noted that he was pleased that the new Verkhovna Rada had created a parliamentary group on inter-parliamentary relations with Japan, which included 117 deputies. 80 of them, including the co-chairman of the group, represent the political party Servant of the People.

An important part of the negotiations was the exchange of experience in dealing with the consequences of nuclear emergencies. The President of Ukraine noted the effectiveness of the activities of the Ukrainian-Japanese Joint Committee on Cooperation in Improving Post-Emergency Response at Nuclear Power Plants.

“We reaffirm our intention to continue cooperation on overcoming consequences of the accident at the Fukushima 1 NPP through interaction between our countries in the framework of the so-called Fukushima-Chernobyl mechanism.

“A promising area of activity is the development and introduction of new technologies for the disposal of radioactive waste,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy added.

The Japanese party praised the results of its visit to Ukraine in September this year, noting that it had given a new impetus to the development of inter-parliamentary dialogue and the full range of cooperation between the countries.