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President presented first certificates for apartments to Heroes of Ukraine and families of fallen Heroes – implementation of the President's initiative has begun

5 December 2023 - 19:44

President presented first certificates for apartments to Heroes of Ukraine and families of fallen Heroes – implementation of the President's initiative has begun

On the eve of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy handed over the first certificates for apartments to Ukrainian defenders who were awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine and family members of fallen Heroes.

The ceremony took place at the Mariyinsky Palace in Kyiv.

At the initiative of the Head of State, all Ukrainian warriors, both enlisted personnel and officers, who have been awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine since the start of the full-scale Russian war, as well as the families of those posthumously awarded this title, will be provided with housing by the state.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that today the implementation of the initiative based on the principle "Ukraine protects those who protect Ukraine" has been launched. The Head of State said that since February 24, 2022, 360 servicemen have been awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, 210 of them posthumously.

"I am convinced that the state policy in this matter is not only about sufficient provision, but above all about decent treatment. Not only about material, but above all about human values. Because a state that does not protect those who protect it at the cost of their lives is worthless," he said.

The President emphasized that Ukraine must take care of all those who defend it and meet all their needs.

"The state will take care of each of them – both those who are with us and the families of all those who gave their lives for the country. This is the least we can do for all those who have heroically defended and are defending the Homeland," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

On Tuesday, the Head of State handed over the first certificates for apartments: 12 Heroes of Ukraine and nine families of fallen holders of the Gold Star Order received them.

In particular, the President presented a certificate to the wife of Major Vitalii Bokhonko, the commander of the parachute battalion who distinguished himself in battles in Donbas since the beginning of Russia's full-scale aggression and perished in July 2022 in Donetsk region.

A certificate was also presented to the father of Oleksandr Harbuz, a soldier from the anti-tank platoon's grenade launcher unit, who in March 2022 took the attack upon himself and enabled his unit to escape from enemy fire in Kharkiv region, was captured and killed by the Russian military.

A certificate for an apartment was received by the mother of Lieutenant Dmytro "Da Vinci" Kotsiubailo, who has been actively involved in the battles near Savur-Mohyla, Pisky, Bilokamyanka, Maryinka, Avdiivka, Zaitseve, Shchastia since 2014 and was killed on March 7, 2023, in a battle near Bakhmut, suffering wounds incompatible with life.

Certificates for housing from the state were handed over to the family members of Junior Sergeant Vadym Lysenkov, who commanded an assault squad and was directly involved in reconnaissance operations near Bakhmut, gathered important data and perished in November 2022, and squadron aviation unit commander Major Danylo Murashko, who completed 141 combat missions and died heroically in Donetsk region.

The certificate was also received by the wife of Major Yurii Nazaruk, who participated in the liberation of Bucha and Irpin from the Russian occupiers and died in June 2022 in the battles for Sievierodonetsk, and the wife of Captain Oleh Tarakhkalo, who personally mined and blew up an important bridge in Kharkiv region in April 2022 and died in battle with the occupiers.

The President handed over a certificate for housing to the mother of the sniper of the anti-aircraft artillery platoon of the fire support company, soldier Oleksandr Matsiyevskyi, who was executed by the Russian occupiers after refusing to take off his chevron with the words "Glory to Ukraine!".

Volodymyr Zelenskyy also handed over certificates for apartments to the deputy commander of the marine battalion, Major Serhiy Dudin, who has repeatedly proved himself in battles in Kherson region, and the deputy commander of the 299th tactical aviation brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Rostyslav Lazarenko, who has completed more than 360 combat missions and personally destroyed more than 100 pieces of enemy equipment since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

The state also provided housing for Master Sergeant Borys Kharchuk, who repeatedly led successful assault operations in the east of Ukraine, particularly in Kharkiv region, the commander of an aviation squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Yevhen Solovyov, who performed a highly challenging combat helicopter flight to land troops in the besieged Mariupol and evacuate wounded defenders, Colonel Leonid Khoda, commander of the 1st separate tank Siversk brigade, who led the defense operations on the outskirts of Chernihiv.

The state also recognized the following: the head of the sector of the Center of the Security Service of Ukraine, Dmytro Bashkintsev, and the family of the Security Service of Ukraine Lieutenant Colonel Volodymyr Ukrainets who was killed in action. Thanks to these servicemen, it was possible to prevent the breakthrough of armored vehicles and the passage of an enemy subversive reconnaissance group into the territory of Ukraine. Volodymyr Ukrainets was killed in November 2022 while performing a mission in Zaporizhzhia region.

Also receiving certificates for housing were Roman Hlomba, an anti-aircraft gunner from the National Guard of Ukraine, who destroyed three enemy Su-25 aircraft with incredible accuracy using Igla MANPADS, and Colonel Oleh Holiney, deputy commander of the NGU artillery, who planned and organized a system of firing positions for defensive and offensive operations in Luhansk region, ensured the withdrawal from encirclement and saved lives of more than a thousand warriors.

Also honored were Captain Vitaliy Lytvyn, a senior officer of the National Guard's reconnaissance unit, whose unit conducted several special operations to repel Russian aggression in Luhansk region, and National Guard Major Svyatoslav Palamar, whose courageous and heroic actions helped the guardsmen hold the fierce defense of Mariupol.

In the ranks of the State Border Guard Service, housing was provided to Lieutenant Eduard Atrashkevych, who has been participating in the defense of Ukraine since 2014, and Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Marchuk, whose unit selflessly performed tasks to storm enemy positions in the Zaporizhzhia sector.

"These names will forever be inscribed in the history of our independence, our state. They will be studied in schools and known by our children and grandchildren. Books will be written and movies will be made about these people," emphasized Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The President thanked the Ukrainian heroes for everything they had done and the families of the fallen for their endurance and courage.

"I sincerely believe that one day everyone will know about these feats. It will be in a peaceful Ukraine, a Ukraine that has prevailed. A Ukraine that will prevail thanks to you, together with you. Glory to our Heroes! Glory to Ukraine!" the Head of State said.


President presents certificates for apartments to servicemen of the Ukrainian Defense Forces and families of fallen defenders

5 December 2023 - 18:50