President of Ukraine

It is the full-scale defeat of Russia that will be a reliable guarantee against new aggressions and crises – address of the President of Ukraine

25 March 2023 - 21:41

It is the full-scale defeat of Russia that will be a reliable guarantee against new aggressions and crises – address of the President of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians, I wish you health!

Another week of defense is almost over, another week when Ukraine has become stronger. And when the enemy became even more isolated, even more hopeless.

This week we have a decision on new defense support packages from the United States, Lithuania, Finland, and Germany.

The Swedish Parliament has already approved the 11th defense support package for Ukraine.

There is a security package and strong agreements with Japan – I thank Prime Minister Kishida once again for the productive visit.

We received EUR 1.5 billion in macro-financial assistance from the European Union – the funds are already in the National Bank's accounts.

The Croatian government has adopted a program for treating and rehabilitating our wounded warriors.

Greece joined the group of partners working on establishing the Special Tribunal.

We are also moving in defending historical justice for Ukrainians: Iceland recognized the Holodomor famine as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Step by step, we are doing everything possible and everywhere so that Russian revanchism loses in every element of its aggression against Ukraine and the freedom of nations in general.

Russia must lose on the battlefield, in the economy, in international relations, and in its attempts to replace the historical truth with some imperial myths. The Kremlin is losing in its efforts to spiritually enslave our people.

It is the full-scale defeat of Russia that will be a reliable guarantee against new aggressions and crises.

Again I would like to congratulate the Security Service of Ukraine – all employees of the Security Service of Ukraine – on your professional day.

Everyone, who is currently in combat, at posts, in operative, agent, and investigative work. Everyone in the SSU, who, together with all the forces of our state, brings Ukrainian victory closer and defends our people.

The training of our officers of the National Guard, the Navy, and our army ended last week. From Kharkiv to Vinnytsia, Lviv region, from Kyiv to Odesa. The National Academy of the National Guard, the Kyiv Institute of the National Guard, the Odessa Maritime Academy, and the National Ground Forces Academy completed a special training course for junior lieutenants...

I thank all the teaching staff of our defense educational institutions, all parents, and mentors of new Ukrainian officers!

I believe this year's graduation will increase the glory of Ukraine and strengthen all of us – the entire state.

Our government made several important decisions during the week. In particular, I would like to note the decision that steps up drone manufacturing.

In general, this year at least UAH 20 billion will be provided to buy drones for our troops. And it is not the limit.

There are also new decisions regarding reconstruction. The range of needs is very wide. Wherever I was this week on business trips, requests require significant resources. We will find these resources. Kherson region, Kharkiv region, Donetsk region, and every other region affected by hostilities will return to regular life.

I would like to note separately the cooperation with the International Criminal Court. This week gave Ukraine an agreement to open the International Criminal Court country office.

Both at our national justice system and international level, we are doing everything to make Russian war criminals answer for literally every attack on Ukraine, on our people.

Of course, I thank each of our soldiers, everyone, who is currently in battle, everyone who defends our positions, defends our border, for the fact that Ukraine is going strong this week as well.

From Bakhmut to Kherson region, from Avdiyivka to Kharkiv region... Thank you to everyone who fights the enemy, who rescues our soldiers after being wounded, who trains our soldiers, and who supplies everything necessary for Ukrainian defense!

When every day gives our state a result, every such day makes the war shorter and our victory closer.

Thank you to everyone who strengthens our Ukraine!

Glory to all who fight for freedom for Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!