President of Ukraine

Regarding the meeting of advisers to the leaders of the Normandy format countries

27 January 2022 - 15:05

On January 26, the meeting of political advisers to the leaders of the Normandy format countries took place in Paris. The talks lasted more than eight hours, were meaningful and provided an opportunity to outline the possibility of reaching the solutions needed for peace.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy positively assesses the fact of the meeting, its constructive nature, as well as the intention to continue meaningful talks in two weeks in Berlin.

"For our state, the first priority today is to achieve a stable and unconditional silence in Donbas. The ceasefire regime must be guaranteed, reliable, and on this basis the next steps can be taken," the Head of State stressed.

During the meeting of political advisers in Paris, the existing differences in the interpretation of the Minsk agreements were discussed in detail. It was also stated that compliance with the ceasefire should not depend on any differences of interpretation.

We consider the intensification of the work of the Normandy format at the level of the leaders of the respective countries with the organization of their meeting in the near future to be an obligatory element of the movement towards fair and stable peace for Donbas through the implementation of the Minsk agreements.