President of Ukraine

Situation in the Exclusion Zone, Easter celebration and combating coronavirus: address by the President of Ukraine to the citizens

14 April 2020 - 20:30

I wish you good health, fellow Ukrainians!

I will begin the traditional address on coronavirus counteraction with the story of another counteraction. It is about the fire in the forests of the Exclusion Zone.

The Head of the State Emergency Service has been reporting daily on the developments over the last week. Yesterday, six points of fire outbreak were eliminated. There is no threat to the nuclear power plant, spent fuel storage and other critical facilities. As of now, there is no open flame in the Exclusion Zone.

National police have already detained the people who caused the fire, and they will bear strict responsibility for all their actions.

I urge all citizens not to panic. We remember the lessons of April 26, 1986. And no one will hide the truth from you. The truth is that the situation is controlled there. Background radiation in the capital and the Kyiv region is within normal limits.

Of course, we note the assistance of weather. But we have no right to forget about people who have been fighting the fire for ten days. 1500 of our rescuers and 110 vehicles, including planes and helicopters, were involved in extinguishing the fire in the Exclusion Zone.

I am sincerely grateful to our firefighters and rescuers for a courageous fulfillment of their duty. All these days, they have been risking their lives because of thoughtless actions of individuals. I strongly advise anyone who has not yet understood why you cannot burn grass to see photos from the scene of the fire. To see the exhausted faces of firefighters, their bloody, burnt hands. I believe that we are a smart and adult nation. But if someone is still thinking about burning grass, keep in mind that it can cost you 153,000 hryvnias or even imprisonment.

Concerning the fight against coronavirus in Ukraine.

These days, we are expecting the arrival of three aircrafts that continue to deliver personal protection means and medical equipment. Next week, eight aircrafts are to arrive at Boryspil International Airport with valuable cargo.

The work to provide the country with everything necessary goes on.

Today, I want to thank our international partners, with whom we are jointly combating the disease. First of all, our friends from the People's Republic of China. I thank them for their fruitful and effective cooperation with the Ukrainian party. For solving all the issues quickly and most importantly – effectively. I am also grateful to the United Arab Emirates leadership for their humanitarian assistance. This is a high quality protective equipment needed for the safety of doctors. I am grateful to the other states which we work closely with to provide people with everything necessary. For its part, Ukraine also helps and is always ready to help its partners. Today, the whole world is being tested for cohesion, and in my opinion, it is good that we do not live by the rule "every man for himself".

Returning to the internal situation, I want to thank the parliament for adopting the amendments to the state budget. In spite of the resistance of many political parties whose names are well known to you, we have managed to make the necessary changes to support our doctors, provide hospitals with medical equipment, assist pensioners, poor people, entrepreneurs and those who have lost their jobs. I am sure citizens will appreciate the work of the deputies who stood on the side of the people.

Among other things, today we are increasing the number of tests for coronavirus. Currently, the number of daily tests has tripled. This is very important, because timely detection of the virus helps stop its spread and save the lives of Ukrainians.

That is why I urge all citizens: if you had a contact with a patient or have ARVI symptoms - call the family doctor. If you do not have one - call the ambulance. Being infected with coronavirus is not a shame. Please do not be afraid. And do not think that it will pass somehow. Contact your doctor and get tested.

In addition, analyzing the statistics of the sick in Ukraine, some stabilization can be noted in recent days. A sharp spike did not happen because of the consciousness of citizens who constantly adhere to self-isolation. And it should be continued. We need to clearly understand: it is too early to relax. It is dangerous to relax. If Italy and Spain have already passed or are now passing the peak of the epidemic, we are facing a key, defining period, which is the twenties of April.

That is why it is so important for every Ukrainian to stay home during Easter.

I'm sure you know about the situation in the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra.

Currently, almost 100 coronavirus patients have been confirmed in the monastery and, unfortunately, there are two fatal cases.

We wish a speedy recovery to all those sick.

This whole situation demonstrates that your nationality, gender, or religion are not important to coronavirus. It demonstrates that you cannot have a careless attitude towards the disease. Therefore, once again I urge you to stay home on Easter holidays. And I'm glad that, according to sociological polls, almost 90% of Ukrainians plan to do so.

We have agreements with Ukrainian media groups. You will be able to see a broadcast of worship services from all churches on Ukrainian television channels.


Each of us understands that this year we will have to change traditions. And to do so for the sake of our own security is the maturity and wisdom of the nation.

Further quarantine terms will depend on our behavior during Easter, our discipline. As I said earlier - we all want to overcome the disease as soon as possible, have a good and traditional summer. So let's work together for the common goal and celebrate Easter at home.

This applies not only to the consecration of baskets, but also to the traditional picnics and visiting friends. Not this year, please. For the safety of yourself and your neighbor.

I would also like to talk about a good initiative of students and cadets of educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. On a volunteer basis, they deliver products, medicines and other essentials to the elderly.

This is done in coordination with operational headquarters and social service centers, which provide information on what to do and how to help. I think this is a very good example to follow. I urge student self-government leaders to get in touch with the operational headquarters in your area and join the initiative to help.

And the traditional advice of what to do during quarantine.

Here you will find a large collection of e-books from the libraries of Ukraine. By different genres and for every taste.

Let's get rich spiritually, stay home and be healthy, fellow Ukrainians!

Keep well, fellow Ukrainians! I wish you 36.6! 

Take care of ourselves! Save Ukraine!