President of Ukraine

All Intelligence Agencies of Our Partners are Informed of the Current Threats and Prospects – Address by the President

29 April 2024 - 21:46

All Intelligence Agencies of Our Partners are Informed of the Current Threats and Prospects – Address by the President

Dear Ukrainians!

I have just received reports on the situation in Odesa following a Russian missile strike and in Kharkiv following a Russian guided aerial bomb strike. Unfortunately, there are fatalities in Odesa. My condolences to the families and friends. Many people have been wounded – all of them are being provided with medical aid. Local services and rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine responded immediately. It is important that all services, all our people, on whose work the lives of Ukrainians depend, are as efficient and fast as possible. Prompt assistance and protection of life that is timely and courageous enough are what help us all in Ukraine to endure.

Today, we talked a lot about speed in our negotiations with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Timely delivery of weapons to our warriors, timely and sufficient decisions on air defense for Ukraine are what we need right now to protect lives. Especially since our partners really have all the necessary systems, really have all the necessary quality of weapons, so that our warriors can operate much more effectively. I thank Jens for his understanding and willingness to help. The daily Russian missile attacks, as well as the daily attempts of the occupier to destroy more of our positions, can all be stopped. The Russian offensive plans can be thwarted. For this, Ukrainian strength must be backed up by sufficient support from partners: "Patriots" that are needed here, the 155 mm caliber that must sound as strong as possible at the front, the weapons with sufficient range that can and must destroy Russian logistics. All intelligence agencies of our partners are informed of the current threats and prospects. We must do everything to achieve our goals – the common goals of everyone in the world who despises terrorists.

Today, I also held a meeting of the Staff. The Commander-in-Chief delivered a detailed report. The frontline. Our positions. The hottest areas. The supplies we expect. There was also a report by the Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, and representatives of the Coordination Headquarters on negotiations for the release of POWs. It is extremely important for our state to maintain clear communication with the families of the POWs. There must be clarity, to the extent possible, regarding each name, each person, regarding the measures being taken to bring our people home.

I thank everyone who truly cares about our people and our entire country, I thank everyone who helps Ukraine! I thank everyone who fights against Russian evil.

Glory to Ukraine!