President of Ukraine

The resilience of the resistance depends on the continuity of support - speech by the President at the 4th session of the ministerial roundtable on support for Ukraine in Marrakech

12 October 2023 - 10:23

The resilience of the resistance depends on the continuity of support - speech by the President at the 4th session of the ministerial roundtable on support for Ukraine in Marrakech

Ladies and gentlemen!

I am glad to address you.

First of all, I would like to mention a terrible natural disaster that happened this fall. On 8 October, it was one month since the earthquake in Morocco that claimed lives of many people, destroyed homes and left children parentless. My condolences to all those who lost their loved ones, and my gratitude to all those who helped people escape the disaster. 

No one can stop the natural events that happened on the planet. But we all have to make sure that the evil element of human nature does not destroy lives and leave ruins. And we must cooperate to save from destruction every nation against which the gates of terror or aggression have been opened.

I thank everyone who is helping Ukraine defend itself from Russia’s unprovoked and brutal aggression. And I thank all those assisting in the rebuilding of Ukraine after the attacks from Russian artillery and missiles and Iranian killer drones. Almost 3,000 Iranian drones were used against us in the war of terror. Ukrainians will always be grateful to every leader and every nation that support us.

But please do not forget that when it comes to protecting lives from aggression and terror, one of the main factors is the continuity of support. The resilience of the resistance depends on it. When an aggressor finds itself on a trajectory of defeat, as Russia does in its war against us, it always relies on one thing. It is not ready to admit that its decision to launch an aggression was a mistake. It is not prepared to retreat from foreign land. Not yet, but the day will come. And to prevent it, Russia tries to make one last bet – bet on the idea that the world won’t be able to support the defense of life and nation’s freedom as long as needed. 

We are now at a point when it is decided whether aggression and terror will once again become a customary way for one nation to relate to another. What then becomes of our world? What becomes of the children of our nations? Let them learn what education is – before they learn what weapons are. And let them learn the word “happiness” before the word “war”.

So, I propose five points. First, there should be such powerful and truly global sanctions against anyone who destroys lives, so that the destroyer pays the highest price for its aggression. And I thank everyone who supports Ukraine with sanctions against Russia.

Second: the assets of the aggressor and the assets of all those who help him must be confiscated to compensate the damage caused. And I am grateful to all those who are doing this work now with the Russian assets in favour of our nation.

Third, we need real guarantees of long-term financial support to protect life. The resilience of defence is always based on the resilience of society. And when there is such support, aggressors and terrorists will not have the illusion that they can outlast and win something for themselves. Of course, the use of funds should be fully controlled and accountable – just as it is with funds for Ukraine, by the way. We use the support just as intended.

Fourth: a reliable mechanism must be introduced to stimulate private investments for a nation that conducts a just defense, especially a mechanism for insuring military risks and multiplying donor capital with private capital. This is something that will always be of help.

And the fifth point is quite traditional for our world. This is about boosting export credit agencies and project financing to ensure the implementation of investments and infrastructure projects.

And when we talk about all this, it is important to hear not only Ukraine. That’s what makes Ukraine resilient in the fight for independence and brings our nation’s victory closer being a model of assistance for any other free nation. Together we can create a working model of how to make the world secure from evil element of human nature.

Thank you for your attention! Thanks for your support.

I wish you all peace! Слава Україні!