President of Ukraine

No Pauses Now, We Have Made the First Tangible Step Towards Peace – Address by the President of Ukraine

17 June 2024 - 19:25

No Pauses Now, We Have Made the First Tangible Step Towards Peace – Address by the President of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians!

Briefly about this day.

First of all, there were reports from the military on the frontline – first of all, Pokrovsk and other directions in the Donetsk region, as well as the Kharkiv region. Our forces are gradually pushing the occupier out of the Kharkiv region, and I thank every warrior and every unit for this, who are clearly fulfilling their tasks. And especially those who are also replenishing our "exchange fund" with Russian soldiers.

Secondly, we had a special discussion today at the Staff meeting about unmanned systems – all types of drones that our Defense Forces need, which we produce in Ukraine and supply. We reviewed each element of the Defense Forces, and there was a report on the combat results of drones. Very tangible, strong results – the Security Service of Ukraine, the Defense Intelligence, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the National Guard, the Armed Forces of Ukraine – well done indeed. In particular, in terms of combat drones and the destruction of equipment and other forces of the invader. Drones are the technological component in which we should have an advantage. And we will. In some types of unmanned systems, Ukrainians are already a global leader. This is also evident in our negotiations with our partners – many are interested in the experience our warriors already have and in the equipment we produce in Ukraine. In due course, we will definitely help each of our partners to strengthen their security by developing their unmanned forces. Ukrainians know how to be grateful.

And thirdly, I held a meeting today to discuss the results of the Peace Summit and to prepare our next steps. No pauses now. We have made the first tangible step towards peace – in the unprecedented unity of the countries worldwide. This is Ukraine's success that for the first time in our history so many leaders and states have gathered for the sake of Ukraine and for the sake of peace. I thank everyone who was represented at the Summit. But peace is always the path. New steps are needed. And they will be taken. We are already preparing them. I am grateful to our team. We are preparing the accession of states to the final Communiqué of the Summit. We are preparing the work of groups on the points of the Peace Formula so that states can unite for the sake of clear specifics, decisions and action plans that will actually restore security. Actually, we already have a preliminary work schedule for the summer months. We will not slow down. We will keep our communication with our partners as active as before. Ukraine never wanted this war, and naturally, it wants a just peace the most. And we see that it is possible. We are bringing peace closer. I thank everyone in the world who helps us. And I am proud of each and every one who is fighting for Ukraine, who is defending Ukraine at the front, who is working for our country and people. This extraordinary courage and loyalty allow us to work with completely different partners in conditions of equal respect for the just interests of Ukraine. Ukraine now has its own strong agency. Today we also had a report on the European Union – our relations, our accession negotiations. We are working on an important result.

Glory to Ukraine!