President of Ukraine

Statement by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the terrorist attack on Israel

7 October 2023 - 14:43

Appalling news from Israel. I extend my condolences to all those whose loved ones were killed in the terrorist attack.

We believe that order will be restored and terrorists will be eliminated.

Terror must not be given a single chance anywhere in the world, because terror is always a crime not just against one country or its specific victims, but against humanity as a whole and our entire world.

Whoever uses terror commits a crime against the world. Whoever sponsors terror commits a crime against the world.

The world must stand in unity and solidarity so that terror never attempts to conquer or destroy life anywhere.

Israel's right to defense is beyond question.

All the circumstances of this terrorist attack must be clarified so that the world knows and brings to justice everyone who incited the attack and helped organize it.

All Ukrainian citizens in the danger zone should carefully follow the instructions of the security forces on the ground and closely monitor the information. Please stay safe! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and our Embassy in Israel are ready to help in any situation. An operational headquarters has been established to assist Ukrainians in Israel. If you need assistance, please contact any of our diplomatic or consular missions immediately by any means available to you.

Every life matters! We condemn every act of terror.