President of Ukraine

Address by the President of Ukraine on providing the means necessary to combat the spread of coronavirus

23 March 2020 - 19:09

Address by the President of Ukraine on providing the means necessary to combat the spread of coronavirus

I wish you good health, fellow Ukrainians!

We begin a new week of fighting coronavirus with the good news.

Tonight our first cargo plane from China landed in Boryspil. It delivered to Ukraine polymerase chain reaction test systems, as well as rapid tests, ventilators, masks, protective suits and much more. This cargo will be distributed throughout the regions of our country and provided to hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, police, border guards and our military. This is only the first batch of what we really need. Active and continuous work is underway to bring additional PCR test systems, respirators, masks, rapid tests and ventilators to Ukraine from China, South Korea and many other countries already this week.

Our key task is to provide Ukrainians with everything they need.

For this purpose, all public authorities work around the clock.

Our motto in recent weeks is: “We’ll get enough sleep after coronavirus”.

We are in constant touch and work closely with local authorities, we know the needs of each region. Yesterday we had a conversation with the heads of all regions of Ukraine. At such times, we are all obliged to work side by side. Each head of the Regional State Administration, chairman of the regional council, mayor, local self-government and regional businesses should forget about their ambitions, act together and fight for the life and health of the inhabitants of the region, not for the points in local elections.

I would also like to inform you that the government has agreed on cooperation between Ukrainian and Chinese doctors. Our doctors will get themselves acquainted with the successful experience of Wuhan colleagues in combating coronavirus.

Yesterday I had a conversation with IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. Our international financial partners, including the IMF, the World Bank, the EBRD, have assured of their willingness to support and assist Ukraine.

A government meeting is underway today, during which a number of important decisions will be made. In particular, the ban on blackouts for the population.

Amendments to the legislation that will allow Ukrposhta to deliver medicines.

The task of the NBU, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy is to calculate a loan holiday program for business by the end of the week. Payment of assistance to the people who have been laid off because of quarantine. Amendments to the legislation that will criminalize the illegal export of medical supplies during the coronavirus period.

Separately, I want to address some of our politicians. To engage in political hype in difficult times for the country is actually equal to looting. You say that the authorities will declare a state of emergency in order to adopt some unpopular decisions. I can only say one thing: don't judge others by yourself. By your life experience and your life principles, if one can call them so.

Today, any of our steps has the sole purpose of saving the lives and health of Ukrainians.

You know, in general, there is a paradox in this whole situation. Everyone is advised to wear masks, but coronavirus actually takes the masks off people.

Because someone is ready to help by giving the shirt off his back. And someone is willing to line his pockets from human misery. Increases prices, keeps masks in warehouses, tries to sell respirators abroad. All these actions will receive not only a moral assessment of society, but also a legal assessment of the relevant law enforcement agencies.

But I want to speak about those who work selflessly and without rest. I sincerely thank every Ukrainian physician. Today you are our superheroes. Thank you for your incredible endurance and loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath.

I thank the Ukrainian border guards. These boys and girls were among the first to join the prevention of the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine. They are in fact on a new "frontline" and are fighting an invisible enemy - a coronavirus infection. Thank you for your service!

I thank our military in eastern Ukraine. Today, the entire information space is filled with the topic of coronavirus. But protecting Ukraine remains our priority. I am grateful to the Ukrainian soldiers who continue to defend the homeland. We do our best to keep Ukraine healthy. You do your best for Ukraine to exist.

I thank our ambassadors and diplomats who work day and night to bring Ukrainians back home. I am grateful to the employees of the Ministry of Infrastructure who assist them in this, as well as ensure the delivery of workers to critically important enterprises. I thank the crews of airplanes, trains and buses delivering valuable goods to Ukraine. I am grateful to our police and national guards who maintain order on our streets.

I thank those church leaders who understand the danger and conduct divine service online, without people. I am sure other leaders will join these forced measures. After all, today people really need faith, but they equally need basic security.

I am grateful to the socially responsible businesses and our volunteers who help with everything necessary.

To the taxi services that agreed to transport doctors to work for free.

I thank the employees of “Ukrposhta” who continuously deliver pensions to the citizens of Ukraine.

By the way, I want to tell the elderly: you can order products and pay for utilities with the assistance of Ukrposhta employees. Also, keep in mind that you will not be charged a fine for the late payment of utility bills. So please stay home and do not go outside without necessity.

This applies not only to the elderly, but also to all citizens.

Don't pose a risk to yourself and other people. Friends, it is time for all of us to grow up.

Even the richest countries in the world frankly tell about the unpreparedness of their medical systems to withstand heavy load.

Therefore, the number one task is to minimize the spread of the virus.

I think you understand that we have inherited medicine that is far from perfect. But it holds on, because it has the most precious thing. People. These are our Ukrainian doctors. Let's not allow situations when they will literally be ready to drop from fatigue at work. Or will have to choose which patient to treat. Help your country - stay home.

And the traditional advice of what to do during quarantine.

Summer is coming, therefore it is time to take care about your physical fitness. You can easily find many home workout videos online. According to the doctors, physical culture is needed by all, especially today. But without fanaticism and chasing after records.

Keep well, fellow Ukrainians!

I wish you 36.6!

Take care of ourselves! Save Ukraine!