President of Ukraine

Address by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

20 February 2023 - 09:03

Address by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

My dear people!

Ukrainians know what it means to fight for their freedom and defend it. In the squares. On the barricades. On the frontline.

In difficult and pivotal moments of history, we never give up and always show bravery and selflessness. Ukrainians stand up for their brothers, and everyone who is Ukrainian is a brother. This is the basis of our unity. The unity that gives our country and people a future despite everything. The unity that gives us indomitability. And this is the basis of our connection with the world, with all those who value freedom and are ready to defend it.

The time comes when the voices of millions merge into a single voice of the people, saying that Ukrainians want and will live only in a free state. In their own Ukraine. Which will certainly survive. And which will certainly preserve freedom.

Today we honor the heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine and Ukrainians during the Revolution of Dignity. The Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. People of different ages and professions, from different regions, but with the same and true values.

This is respect for every person. Freedom and equality. Democracy. Ukraine's openness to the world and the unity of our country with the whole of Europe. And, of course, it is Ukraine's independence. What motivated the Maidans to gather and defend themselves. What motivates us to fight and liberate our land now.

Dear people!

As we defend Ukraine today, we remember that our strength and fortitude are based on the strength and fortitude of many Ukrainians who did not give up, who dreamed and acted for Ukraine to live. 

Nine years after the Revolution of Dignity, the battle for our independence continues. For an independent, free and powerful Ukraine, European and democratic, independent and united. And there is no doubt that we will protect all this, that we will make the dream of Ukrainian heroes come true.

Slaves are not allowed to paradise. This is the essence of the Ukrainian interpretation of freedom. This is the reason why there will be no enemy left on our land.

Glory to each and every one who is now fighting for our country!

May the memory of all those who gave their lives for Ukraine and Ukrainians live forever!

Eternal honor to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred!

Glory to Ukraine!