President of Ukraine

Address by the President of Ukraine following the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of May 14

14 May 2021 - 18:03

Address by the President of Ukraine following the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of May 14

Fellow Ukrainians!

The meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has just ended. Traditionally, its results are important decisions for the country and heart attacks for those who have acted against it and the Ukrainian people for years.

On the eve of the Day of Science, not only our leading scientists, but also representatives of the so-called non-classical sciences were awarded in Ukraine. First of all, these are people who are professors in violating the Criminal Code - the so-called thieves in law and crime bosses.

Following the adoption of the law on thieves in law, the strategy for combating organized crime and nine months of work, personal sanctions have been applied against 557 thieves in law currently known in the world. Most of them are not in Ukraine. And the number of those at liberty in Ukraine has halved: from 34 to 17 people. Today we did everything to make this figure zero. In the near future and forever.

All of these persons are subject to: blocking of assets, ban on entry into the territory of Ukraine, refusal to grant a visa, abolition of visa, temporary or permanent residence permit, immigration permit, refusal to extend the period of stay in Ukraine, inability to acquire Ukrainian citizenship and forced expulsion. In a word: those who are not in Ukraine have nothing to come here for. Those who are in Ukraine have nothing to stay here for.

The same applies to another part of this world - the leaders of criminal groups, the so-called crime bosses. We are a hospitable country, but not for 111 foreigners - these are crime bosses to which the same package of sanctions has been applied today. We do not say goodbye to you, we say farewell.

Also today we considered urgent measures for further biological security of Ukraine, protection of Ukraine in cyberspace and creation of cyber troops of Ukraine.

In addition, today we touched upon an important issue - the state lands and houses in Koncha-Zaspa and Pushcha-Vodytsya, as well as the persons who use them. In total, we are talking about almost 400 hectares of preserved area and more than 100 government buildings and cottages.

At the end of 2014, under the former President and in accordance with a government decree, the list of categories of persons entitled to preferential residence was abolished. Which, at first glance, looks good, but in fact legalized the stay of a number of obscure people on these lands and in these residences for a symbolic fee. These include former judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, customs officers, tax collectors, people with surnames like Piskun, Landik, Vasiunyk, Yanukovych-era ministers Tabachnyk and Bohatyriova, Poroshenko-era deputy prime minister Zubko, and even director of the “Bohdan” corporation department Oleksandr Ilyin.

These and a number of other people received contracts for the use of the buildings, made repairs there, received reimbursement for the cost of repairs in the amount of 50 percent and could live there for a symbolic fee. Today I have set a task to conduct a full audit of the lands and residences of Koncha-Zaspa and Pushcha-Vodytsya to make a complete list of persons living there and find out under what conditions they obtained this right. That is, all the necessary information, after which we will begin the great migration of these people.

Finally, fellow Ukrainians, I want to summarize today's meeting and all the high profile events of this week in just a few words.

Congratulations to all! Spring has come.