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We will do everything possible, everything impossible, to speed up the supply of more air defense systems of a higher quality to Ukraine – this is literally a daily issue for work with partners.

The partner countries that Ukraine wants to see as guarantors of its security on the way to NATO membership support the provision of such guarantees, and the form of their consolidation is currently being discussed. This was stated by Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak during a conversation with media representatives in Kyiv.

Today we have another positive result from our team working on exchanges. We have returned 106 more of our warriors from Russian captivity - they fought in the Bakhmut sector. It is very important that there was no information about many of these 106 people at all - they were considered missing. But we found them.

The parties discussed the possibility of Sweden's participation in the aviation coalition and the launch of a separate training program for Ukrainian pilots on modern Western-type aircraft.

In her video address to the participants of the event, Olena Zelenska noted that right now Ukraine and Poland are creating a history that will be written about in books.

I invite you to cooperate at all levels with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Ukraine. Both at the level of the entire EU Committee of the Regions and directly: your regions with our regions.

The interlocutors exchanged views on recent major international events and discussed the results of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's talks with the heads of state and government of the respective countries that took place during the President's foreign visits.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took part in the events dedicated to the Day of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine.

The interlocutors exchanged views on the results of the G7 Summit held in Japan with the participation of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.