President of Ukraine

Andriy Yermak called on representatives of leading Jewish organizations to facilitate the provision of modern air defense systems to Ukraine

20 October 2022 - 11:19

Andriy Yermak called on representatives of leading Jewish organizations to facilitate the provision of modern air defense systems to Ukraine

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak had a video call with representatives of leading Jewish organizations, during which he emphasized the importance of providing our state with modern air defense systems that Israel has.

Andriy Yermak told the participants of the online meeting that on October 7-8, Russia launched 190 strikes with missiles and drones on the territory of Ukraine, and on October 10, 84 missiles and 24 attack UAVs were launched.

In general, according to the available information, the Russian Federation purchased 2,400 kamikaze drones from Iran, which attack Ukrainian cities, critical infrastructure, and historical and cultural monuments every day.

In particular, on Monday, October 17, such a drone destroyed a historic building in the center of Kyiv, built by the Jewish community, in which many famous people once lived.

"We are talking about the intention to intimidate civilians, efforts to destroy the critical infrastructure of Ukraine before winter, to plunge the country into darkness and frost," the Head of the President's Office emphasized.

Andriy Yermak noted that the Russian authorities are considering the possibility of purchasing missiles and other weapons for attacks on Ukraine. He emphasized that the Russian aggressor directs his efforts not only against our state, but also against the entire civilized world.

"I think there is no doubt in anyone's mind that we are dealing with a terrorist state. Russia is a terrorist state that today uses Iran in its fight against the United States and its allies, including Israel. Andriy Yermak is convinced that Russia is the European Hezbollah.

The Head of the President's Office emphasized that without reliable air defense systems, no one in Ukraine will be able to feel safe: children will not be able to go to school, and civilians will be left without heat and electricity.

"Finally, our allies and partners, in particular the USA, Great Britain and other states, confirmed the start of work on providing Ukraine with air defense systems," he noted.

Andriy Yermak called on Israel to join effective assistance to Ukraine, because at a time when the aggressor poses threats to the whole world, it is impossible to remain an outside observer. According to him, it is important to unblock military-technical cooperation between the two countries.

In particular, according to the Head of the President's Office, Jewish public organizations are now able to influence the situation and persuade the Israeli government to provide our state with the necessary systems.

"Today, the voice of each of you and your organizations is critically important in the issue of air defense, in which Israel has really great experience, and most importantly - it has these systems," emphasized Andriy Yermak.

The Head of the Office of the President also noted the importance of information support to Ukraine in difficult times of war.

"Explain as much as possible to both citizens and politicians what Russia's real goals are in this war, as well as what Ukraine is fighting for. This is necessary not only for us - this is also a guarantee of peace for Israel," noted Andriy Yermak.

He urged to support Ukraine in concluding the Kyiv Security Compact on the mechanism of security guarantees, recommendations for which were developed by an international group of experts chaired by the Head of the President's Office and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Andriy Yermak emphasized that despite war, Ukraine will not stop in the development and support of the Babyn Yar Memorial Center, although the hostilities make their adjustments. "This memorial will develop and truly become one of the most powerful memorials in the world," he assured.

For his part, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Jewish Agency for Israel and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center Natan Sharansky noted that the war in Ukraine is not just a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, it is a war for the future of the entire free world.

"That's why I, like everyone present here, believe that being together with Ukraine at this moment is not just a moral obligation, it is in the interests of Israel," said Natan Sharansky.

He noted that the systems of early warning about missile attacks, which Israel is ready to provide, will help Ukraine use air defense means more economically and inform citizens more quickly. However, according to him, Israel can provide much more help, so this is only the first step and everything should be decided in the process of negotiations.

"Our duty is to do everything so that Israel does this. The people of Ukraine need this, but we, as part of the free world, also need this, because Putin has encroached on the foundations of the free world and wants to deprive us of this freedom," said Natan Sharansky.

Chief Rabbi of Kyiv, President of the Union of Jewish Religious Organizations of Ukraine Yaakov Dov Bleich emphasized that in this historic struggle, Israel must be on the side of truth and protection of people's lives.

"We are talking now about saving lives - this is not about politics, not about elections. We are talking now about the war against people, against the nation. This is terror to destroy people. We have to do something to stop this," said Yaakov Dov Bleich.

"We must fight against terror, we must do everything possible to stop the killing of civilians. Everyone saw these mass burials on the territory of the de-occupied cities - in Bucha, in the Kharkiv region. We cannot turn a blind eye," he added.

The Chief Rabbi of Kyiv offered to establish an international committee of Jews to support Ukraine in the fight against terror and appeal to the government and people of Israel to support Ukraine.