President of Ukraine

Please don't forget to thank our warriors in person – address of President of Ukraine

3 June 2023 - 22:39

Please don't forget to thank our warriors in person – address of President of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians, I wish you health!

Almost every evening, in my addresses, I thank our warriors – particular units, particular brigades, which distinguished themselves the most on the front line or in the defense of our sky in a day or in a week.

And today – more personal words of gratitude to particular warriors.

We should all remember that our defense, our active actions, and the independence of Ukraine are not something abstract. These are very particular people, particular actions of particular heroes, thanks to which Ukraine exists and Ukraine will exist. Thousands and thousands of our strongest, bravest, most accurate people...

Such as soldier Yaroslav Kan, our paratrooper. He fought in the most fiercely embattled spots of the front. Bilohorivka, defense of Lysychansk, defense of Soledar. Battles for Svatove, Kreminna, Bakhmut... Four wounds! Now, he is undergoing treatment, recovering. And ready to return to the front again. It is an extraordinary human power! Thank you, Yaroslav!

Senior Sergeant Yevhen Kepsha, commander of the squad of the anti-tank missile systems platoon. Battles for Bakhmut. Stugna anti-tank guided missile system. Very accurate, very brave. Together with the boys, together with the brothers from his squad have very good results in destroying the occupiers. Thanks for this, Yevhen!

Senior Sergeant Maksym Kuzmenko and Junior Sergeant Anton Andrushchenko are soldiers of the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade. Battles near Avdiyivka. Very tough fights. Continuous enemy assaults. And this is the result Ukraine needs in defense of our positions. Thank you, guys!

I have already thanked our soldiers from the 55th Zaporizhzhia Sich Artillery Brigade many times. All guys are great. They fight mightily, very efficiently. And today, I will especially mention the artillery company under the command of Captain Mykola Nosach. Avdiyivka direction. They fight off Russian assaults very skillfully. Exactly what is needed. Thank you, Mykola! It's great to see reports of your accuracy.

Soldiers of our 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade Zakarpattia. Battalion commander Lt. Col. Oleksandr Hladysh, company commander Captain Rostyslav Kmet, platoon commander Senior Lieutenant Oleksandr Shytikov, gun commander Junior Sergeant Oleksandr Kryshtapiuk, senior gunner Senior Soldier Yaroslav Niul... Artillery calculations. Always effective. Thank you, warriors!

Our glorious 35th Marine Infantry Brigade named after Rear-Admiral Mykhailo Ostrogradsky... The guys deserve gratitude for almost every day of fighting. And today, I want to note separately the entire 1st battalion of marines of the brigade. I'm thankful to each of you guys! Your strength is an example to all.

And the defenders of our sky. Such as soldier Anatoliy Pavlenko, national guard. The Bureviy anti-aircraft missile battalion. A guy who knows how to shoot down Russian missiles extremely well – and with the help of just an Igla MANPADS. Thank you for this accuracy!

We usually thank the warriors who defend our cities from Russian terror with the help of powerful air defense systems: Patriot, NASAMS, IRIS, and others. And it is absolutely fair – they saved a lot of lives of our people, a lot of infrastructure facilities.

However, soldiers of our fire maneuver groups, which defend various civilian and military facilities, are important – and effective! As, for example, Senior Sergeant Viktor Sidnev is the senior of one of these maneuver groups defending Kyiv. Excellent coordination of actions, excellent combat skills. And there is a result – down the invaders' missiles. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who is fighting for Ukraine! Thank you to everyone who is on combat posts and on combat missions! Thank you to everyone who constantly trains our soldiers and everyone who provides treatment to our heroes after their injuries!

And I am asking you all: please don't forget to thank our warriors in person. Thank those whom you know personally. Thank those whom you may simply follow in social networks. Thank those whom you just heard about – and can tell other people about them. Gratitude is always important, and it's important to hear words of gratitude when you fight for your people like this.

Glory to all our heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!