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This Year Should Be the Time to Take Steps to Make Our Victory Over Russian Terror Real – the President at the Three Seas Summit

11 April 2024 - 18:10

This Year Should Be the Time to Take Steps to Make Our Victory Over Russian Terror Real – the President at the Three Seas Summit

Dear Gitanas, dear colleagues!

Thank you all for your kind words about Ukraine, and each of you who is helping us.

Last night, Russian terrorists struck again at Ukraine. It was a combined strike – missiles and Iranian attack drones with trajectories specifically designed to maximize damage to our critical infrastructure. Strikes ranging from Kharkiv and Kyiv to Odesa and Lviv – one of the Russian terrorists' targets was close to the Polish border. Our rescuers, power engineers, and repair teams have been working throughout the day to eliminate the consequences of the attack. 

This is already a routine for our region – such strikes and our appeals to strengthen air defense. Missiles are striking every day, and every day we hear that Ukraine will receive new air defense systems. Every day Russian terrorists cut off the electricity to Kharkiv and our other cities, and every day we hear that new aid is coming soon. 

The reality must finally match the words – and real losses of Russian terror must be ensured.

Dear colleagues!

In the way Ukrainians expect decisions to support our defense, Putin sees not only his opportunity to continue this war, he sees more – this is a temptation for him to expand his aggression and to prepare the potential for geographically wider strikes. 

All of Russia’s neighboring states and every nation whose lives may be within the range of Russian aircraft and missiles are in danger. Each of you can see how Russian propagandists are fueling hatred against your countries. In Russia, they have already reached the point where they are even accusing Kazakhstan of their own criminal misconduct, which led to the disaster with the dam breach and the flooding of a large area – they already consider Kazakhstan a potential enemy. Russian controlled hatred precedes Russian guided bombs, missiles and "Shaheds". Each of Russia's neighbors is a target, just like Ukraine.

We must multiply our joint efforts to ensure common security.

First, each of Russia's neighbors must do everything possible on their borders and in communication with their partners to block the supply of anything that can be used in military production to Putin. From chips to machine tools, from raw materials to technology. Cooperation with Russia should be toxic for everyone.

Secondly, advocating for assistance to Ukraine now means advocating for our own security for every country in our region. I thank all of you who are in contact with other partners, who are using all means of diplomacy, media, and political work to promote armed support for our soldiers. Working with the United States is of fundamental importance. 

We have to be honest: the alliance is being tested here – in defense against the existing manifestations of Russian terror. And to ensure that Russian missiles are not over Vilnius or Warsaw or Chișinău, they finally should not be over Odesa and Kharkiv.

Thirdly, I thank all of you who have provided and are providing weapons to Ukraine. It really helps. Our joint defense projects with you also help, and we need to create as many defense industries as possible that will directly work for our common security. The production of shells, guns, vehicles, drones – everything that is necessary for defense – must grow significantly. We have created a significant potential for this in our country. But it requires finance. The frozen Russian assets must finally be used to protect us from Russian terror, in particular by supporting our defense, and rebuilding Ukraine.

Fourth: Our unity. Please strengthen the unity in the EU. Moscow should feel that there is more unity in Europe than any contradictions. Of course, every society may have doubts about the decisions made in Brussels. But such doubts should not become Moscow's weapon. Europe's treaties must be implemented by Europe. The ways of solidarity that strengthen Europe must continue to work. We must increase the integration of our systems, including transportation. All the contradictions that exist in Europe must be resolved democratically and in negotiations between equals. And we must use the time we have to get closer to each other without losing a single day, let alone a month. Now in June it will be right to actually start negotiations on Ukraine's accession. June should also be important for the Peace Formula. I invite all of you to participate in the first inaugural Global Peace Summit in Switzerland. And peace requires not only your participation in the Summit, but also your support in engaging world leaders. Please use all your connections and influence to help the global majority bring a just peace closer.

And fifth: NATO. The Alliance should not be afraid of its own existence and its own rules. Ukraine believes it is historically correct that the Baltic Sea region has finally received a historic chance for reliable security after Finland and Sweden joined NATO. The Black Sea region needs the same security. As a democratic nation committed to our shared values, Ukraine deserves to be invited to join NATO. We are grateful to every state for bilateral security agreements that support us in the time before we join NATO. Today we have signed the ninth such agreement with Latvia. And I urge all the leaders of the Three Seas Initiative to sign such agreements with Ukraine. And we have to work on strategic tasks. Putin wants to destroy Ukraine and the freedom of all nations in our region, and he sees no alternatives. Similarly, we should not look for alternatives to our security – Ukraine needs an invitation to join NATO. Only you can make it realistic this year. Without our Ukrainian strength, the strength of the whole Europe will not be complete, and together, gradually integrating, we can really protect each other from Russian revanchism.

Dear friends!

This year should be the time to take all the necessary steps to make our victory over Russian terror real. It is possible. But it is possible only if we are united – you and I and all our partners – and if the reality corresponds to our statements and agreements.

Thank you for your attention! Thank you for your support!

Слава Україні!


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11 April 2024 - 13:41