President of Ukraine

An agreement has been reached on the supply of a large batch of armored medevac vehicles to Ukraine - address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

31 August 2023 - 21:48

An agreement has been reached on the supply of a large batch of armored medevac vehicles to Ukraine - address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

Today was an eventful day.

A conference call with military and government officials. The frontline. Our offensive actions. The result of our weapons, new Ukrainian weapons, is 700 kilometers. The task is farther.

The important news for the frontline is that we have agreed on the supply of armored medevac vehicles to Ukraine, a large batch. This is what the warriors told me about when we visited combat brigades. The Ministry of Defense has reported on this today.

As always on the conference calls, there were intelligence reports from the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Foreign Intelligence Service on the plans of the occupiers. Their plans are hopeless.

I held a meeting about next week's international events. There will be significant things. Important negotiations for Ukraine.

Another meeting concerned tomorrow. It will be September 1, the beginning of the new school year. Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov and Minister Lisovyi, together with their teams, are preparing a very positive innovation for our schoolchildren, parents, and teachers. Something that will really help. Tomorrow we will present the first details.

Today I congratulated Kyiv Polytechnic on the 125th anniversary of the university. It was extremely pleasant and useful to communicate with students and lecturers. Education will always remain the element that gives strength to people and the state, that enables us to develop and become stronger no matter what. And I would like to thank today our students and lecturers, our educators who not only receive or help receive education, but also make the educational process as practical as it is needed right now, when the bright minds of our people help the Ukrainian defense, in particular. Our students have good projects, powerful projects. The Ministry of Strategic Industry has something to implement.

And one more thing.

I had a meeting with representatives of BAE Systems. The world knows this company very well. And our warriors are already very familiar with the weapons produced by this company. In particular, artillery - L119 and M777, armored vehicles - CV90, which are very powerful. The company is starting to work in Ukraine. Our goal is to have all the most useful weapons for defense produced in Ukraine. And it will happen. We already produce certain items, and we will produce all the necessary ones. I thank everyone in the world who helps!

I thank everyone who fights and works for Ukraine! I would especially like to mention the 47th separate mechanized brigade - thank you guys for your advancement; the warriors of our 44th artillery brigade - thank you for your accuracy!

Glory to Ukraine!