President of Ukraine

Access of Ukrainians to quality medical services, effective pension system and fight against poverty were discussed at a meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy

9 March 2021 - 19:26

The strategy for the development of the healthcare system and social policy in Ukraine was discussed at a meeting chaired by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

It was emphasized that the continuation of the reform of the healthcare system in Ukraine needed to be transformed due to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposed program was also adjusted taking into account the election program of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"Our goal is a healthy Ukrainian. All our citizens should have access to high-quality medical services. We need to provide funding for medical facilities and, of course, decent salaries for our doctors," the President said.

Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov presented the system of transition to effective insurance medicine, diversification of sources and increase of financing of the sphere, development of new establishments for the provision of highly specialized services. He also focused on the development of the preventive component of the Ukrainian healthcare sphere.

"Our strategy includes both major areas of medical development, such as improving the quality of medical products, medicines, uninterrupted access to innovative medicines, stimulating the development of voluntary health insurance, and detailed programs - such as reducing the number of women's cancer cases, improving care for patients with cardiovascular diseases," the Minister of Health said.

Maksym Stepanov also stressed the importance of harmonizing the legislation of Ukraine with the legislation of the European Union in the field of circulation of medicines.

In addition, the parties discussed the development of social policy, focusing on the creation of an effective system of funded pension provision for all citizens, reforming the social insurance sector, establishing a real subsistence level in accordance with human needs.

"Ukraine must become a country where everyone feels comfortable and cozy. The older generation must be provided with decent pensions. We have to help the poor socially and motivate them for official employment," Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed.

Minister of Social Policy Maryna Lazebna noted that the approach to pension provision should first of all change its philosophy: not only the state provides for a person, but also a citizen funds his pension. The Minister has developed a system that will not increase the deficit of the Pension Fund, however, according to preliminary calculations, increase pensions by 1.5-3 times.

"The average pension will increase from 3,500 to 7,000 hryvnias. Pension funds accumulated during working life will be inherited. It is good if a person finally gets the opportunity to have alternative sources of pension benefits," Maryna Lazebna said.

She also noted that her department is actively working with the Ministry of Digital Transformation on the introduction of electronic services in the social sphere - 125 services will be available online.