President of Ukraine

President: Gazprom must comply with the court decisions and its obligations

7 March 2018 - 19:25

President: Gazprom must comply with the court decisions and its obligations

Russian Gazprom must comply with all court decisions and its contractual obligations, President Poroshenko emphasizes.

Gazprom, in accordance with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration tribunal, must transit gas through Ukraine. This is not its charity, this is not its gesture of Ukraine's support. This is a direct obligation. Obligations and court decisions must be complied with. End of discussion,” the Head of State noted in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels.

Petro Poroshenko expressed conviction that Ukraine will "get everything to a penny" in accordance with the court decisions. However, he noted that the victory in the Stockholm arbitration was important not because of the funds, but because of its geopolitical significance.

The President recalled the course of all so-called "gas wars" when the Russian Federation made Ukraine guilty of problems with the supply of gas to the EU. "Look how different things are now. First of all, the position of the Russian Federation that it will not pay is a weak position. This, as you know, says: you don't wave your fists after a fight. There are international conventions, there is an impeccable legal position, there is a qualified team of Ukrainian lawyers of Naftogaz, Ukrainian diplomats who will provide it one hundred percent. If this is not the case, the team of lawyers, pursuant to my instruction, will work on the arrest and secure the levy of the corresponding amounts," he stressed.

The Head of State emphasized that Ukraine timely informed its partners about the risks in the situation, in particular regarding possible blackmail from the side of our country's eastern neighbor. "What was their goal? That Ukraine stops the transit. That Ukraine, when they stop supplying transit gas, because we had a very cold weather, starts to take transit gas. That is why I immediately put this issue forward in a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council, appealed to the entire nation, the Ukrainian people. And look how the society reacted: by 14% this day, on Friday, Ukraine reduced its gas consumption. We reduced consumption by 25 million cubic meters of gas. But we did not stop the transit even for a single cubic meter, showing ourselves a responsible and reliable partner," Petro Poroshenko noted.

"So today, the key outcome of our victory is not money. The key outcome is how united the nation was," he stressed, thanking the Ukrainian people for an instant reaction to the call, which helped overcome the crisis. "The crisis has been overcome and we have won in it. I thank you for this," the President stressed.

The Head of State once again stressed that in the current situation, Ukraine demonstrated the position of a country that fully implements its obligations unlike Russia. "Ukraine, which has warned all European partners in advance and promised to do everything to fulfill the obligations, and Russia, which refused to comply with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration tribunal and even tried to use gas blackmail in the usual manner," he said, expressing the opinion that in view of this Russia will no longer be trusted as a reliable supplier, since it uses gas as an instrument of political pressure.

The President also stressed that Ukraine will continue to make every effort to diversify its energy supply. He also reminded that not only did the money laundering on opaque gas supply schemes were eliminated, but also the deficit of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine was liquidated, diversification work started.

"To date, we stopped it. We ensured that the huge deficit - UAH 100 billion - was liquidated. Opaque schemes were eliminated. This is an extremely effective mechanism for combating corruption," Petro Poroshenko noted.

"The first thing I did, when I was elected President in 2014 - we talked with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and there was an absolutely clear instruction in two directions. The first is diversification. And we have sharply reduced the consumption of Russian gas: 16 billion cubic meters, then - 5, then - 0. And the second position - go to court. We are not afraid. We are convinced of our own victory. And again I emphasize - this is a victory not only in money, this victory has a geostrategic significance. It's like the visa-free regime. This is the final "goodbye" to the gas needle. And the result is equally brilliant," the Head of State emphasized.