President of Ukraine

President: Sanctions are efficient when they are global

13 April 2018 - 18:48

President: Sanctions are efficient when they are global

President Poroshenko in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels noted the importance of coordinating sanctions policy.

"If a Russian company does not work in Ukraine today, the use of sanctions will be meaningless. For me, the main goal is for the sanctions to be global. When sanctions are global they are effective. They are made not for PR and not to do harm to Russia somehow," the Head of State emphasized.

"It is about creating a powerful motivation for Russia to return to the negotiating table, to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian territory, not to use the veto right on peacekeepers, to stop the aggression against the Ukrainian Donbas and Ukrainian Crimea. And here we have to do a very detailed, jewelry job that will definitely bring its result," he added.

The Head of State noted that 3-4 years ago nobody believed such positions would be successful. When U.S. President Donald Trump was elected, there were forecasts that Ukraine would be traded in for Syria. “They said Donald Trump will reach an agreement with Putin behind Ukraine’s back and Ukraine will be left on the sidelines. Where are those so-called experts who have been repeatedly spreading this so-called betrayal on TV?” Petro Poroshenko said.

According to him, in the areas where the President is directly responsible, significant achievements were made: in Ukraine's foreign policy, Ukraine is very high on the agenda of the whole world, including its partners, and in the issue of national security and defense, where we managed to restore the Ukrainian army, which shows high rates.