President of Ukraine

Humanity should remember every Ukrainian city, which heroism, resilience give a future to all who value life – President on the occasion of the anniversary of Bucha de-occupation

31 March 2023 - 17:35

Humanity should remember every Ukrainian city, which heroism, resilience give a future to all who value life – President on the occasion of the anniversary of Bucha de-occupation

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu, Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Eduard Heger, Prime Minister of Slovenia Robert Golob, and the Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković took part in events on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Bucha in Kyiv region from the Russian invaders.

"A year passed since the day when the Russian occupiers were expelled from our city of Bucha. The city that the world didn't know about at that time. The city that the world will never forget. We will not let you forget. Human decency will not allow us to forget," Zelenskyy said, addressing the audience.

According to him, on the streets of Bucha, the world saw what the Kremlin sought to bring to other streets of Ukraine, Europe and the world, which could have been taken over by the Russian invaders if they had not been stopped by Ukrainian defenders.

"Ukrainian people! You stopped the greatest anti-human force of our time. You stopped the force that despises and wants to destroy everything that gives meaning to a person," the Head of State said.

He said that Russia kills, tortures, and terrorizes because it seeks to destroy human dignity so that a person in the territory controlled by the Kremlin is just dust under the feet of those, who have power.

"This is how it is in Russia today. And it will never be like that in Ukraine, in all of Europe, on the land of each nation, defending freedom together with us," Zelenskyy is convinced.

He said that for more than 400 days, the Ukrainian people have been fully focused on repelling the genocidal full-scale aggression of Russia. Friends help Ukraine – the nations, also believing that human life is the highest value.

"I thank each such nation! Thank you to the leaders, who are here today in Bucha, and to every state represented at today's important events, and to all the nations who have supported us since the first days of the full-scale war," the President said.

He said that the battle for the foundation of the free world is taking place on Ukrainian land. And humanity will definitely win, and Russian evil will fall right here, in Ukraine.

"But humanity should remember every Ukrainian city which heroism and resilience give a future to all who value the most important thing – life," the Head of State said.

President of Moldova Maia Sandu said in her speech that these days we honor the memory of the innocent victims of the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine and express our admiration for the Ukrainian defenders who repelled it.

"We, together with you, remember the victims of the brutal acts of the Russian troops against the citizens of Ukraine. Democratic states must work together to investigate and punish those who committed these brutal acts," she said.

Sandu said that Moldova supports Ukraine and will do so until all Ukrainians have an opportunity to return to their safe homes.

"We believe in Ukrainian victory in this battle for our existence, for the restoration of territorial integrity, and we call for justice, without which there will never be peace," the President of Moldova said.

The Prime Minister of Slovenia said that what the Russian aggressor did to peaceful citizens in Bucha can never be forgiven.

"That is why we are with you in this difficult moment and feel our duty to help you in the fight for your freedom," Golob said.

He also expressed the need to bring to justice all those who committed war crimes in Ukraine.

"This war is unprovoked and unnecessary. This was imposed on all of us. But now, it has united us. Today, we are all Ukrainians. Let me remind you that today, we are more connected than ever. Together with you, we are of the Cossack race. And together with us, you will live happily in your land," the head of the Slovenian government said.

In his speech, the Prime Minister of Croatia said that he is visiting Bucha for the second time and remembers all the cruel things that the Russian invaders did in just one month of the occupation of this city.

"Crimes committed in Bucha showed the true face of Russian aggression," Plenković said.

At the same time, according to him, Ukrainian citizens, military personnel, and the country's leadership showed the world what it means to fight for one's freedom and common European values.

"You deserve that Ukraine restores its territorial integrity and liberates the temporarily occupied territories. That is why our support to Ukraine – political, humanitarian, financial, and military – will continue," the Prime Minister of Croatia said, adding that there must be punishment for the crimes committed by the Russian occupiers.

For his part, Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Eduard Heger said that the whole world saw the horror of the crimes committed by the Russian army a year ago. He emphasized the need to punish those who committed them.

"Ukraine deserves to be a free democratic state. That's why you will have our full support," he assured, adding that Slovakia will support Ukraine both on the way to the EU and in regaining its territories.