President of Ukraine

President: The Nord Stream 2 is aimed to damage Ukraine, EU and NATO

12 July 2018 - 19:16

President: The Nord Stream 2 is aimed to damage Ukraine, EU and NATO

"Someone tried to depict that the Nord Stream 2 was not the topic of today's Summit. A large number of countries are in the position of harmfulness for European and global security of the construction of the Nord Stream 2. Today, the issue of energy security is clearly on the agenda of NATO. Today, it is absolutely clear that the Nord Stream 2 threatens the energy security of Europe," President Poroshenko said during a press conference in Brussels.

The Head of State informed that during the NATO Summit effective consultations were held and the issues of the Nord Stream 2 took a significant part of the discussion during his bilateral meetings with the heads of the NATO member states.

The President also said that a common position was developed on the next stage of Ukraine's integration into European sectors, namely energy union that includes energy security.

"This is not only the Nord Stream 2. This is a common jurisdiction where there are proper rules and regulations. The most effective way would be when Ukraine, as part of Europe, bought Russian gas at the Ukrainian-Russian border," Petro Poroshenko said, adding that it would provide energy security and stop any insinuations.

"This is not an economic project, the project is absolutely political. The goal of the project is to damage Ukraine and many other members of the European Union and NATO members," the President said.

He underlined that the realization of this project creates great risks for the European economy: "Why spend tens of billions of dollars to make the European economy less efficient, less competitive and the European Union's energy policy more dependent on Russia?"

"The majority of EU countries start to understand the real goal of the Nord Stream 2," the President summed up.