President of Ukraine

President: We are really interested in the experience of Canada’s peacekeeping activities

23 September 2017 - 02:01

President: We are really interested in the experience of Canada’s peacekeeping activities


President Petro Poroshenko emphasized that Ukraine is interested in receiving the Canadian experience of peacekeeping operations and assured that the UN peacekeeping mission in Donbas will not be conducted under the Russian scenario.

“We are much interested in Canada’s peacekeeping experience. I believe that the UN peacekeeping operation will be a real breakthrough in the peaceful settlement. In this endeavor, expertise and advice of our Canadian friends would be of great value for us,” Petro Poroshenko said following the negotiations with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

The Head of State informed that Canada’s unique peacekeeping experience has been discussed today during the meeting.

The President reminded that Ukraine has put forward the initiative on the UN peacekeeping mission already in 2015.

He expressed confidence that the deployment of the mission in Donbas must be initiated by all the countries that support Ukraine in its struggle for independence, restoration of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“I think we have a unique chance. Of course, it won’t be a Russian scenario. The UN peacekeeping mission must be deployed all over Donbas, including the Ukraine-Russia border to prevent the infiltration of Russian troops and weapons. Certainly, we will welcome the increase of the role of our partners in this issue,” Petro Poroshenko stressed.

“A strong leadership of USA and Canada, as well as their support are very important for us. We are glad to hear such support,” the President noted mentioning Canada’s support for the Ukrainian reforms as well.

“As regards the peacekeeping operations, I would like to remind to the world: more than 400 Ukrainians take part in peacekeeping operations. It is a difficult time now - Ukraine needs peacekeepers. It must be fulfilled within the UN standards and I am sure that it will be the shortest path to peace in Ukraine,” the Head of State said.

Petro Poroshenko reminded that at the beginning of the Russian aggression, Canada has already helped Ukraine: in 2014-2015 we received uniform from Canada that we really lacked. “We didn’t have enough uniform so it was very important for us,” he stressed.

Then, a group of Canadian instructors trained 5 thousand Ukrainian servicemen. “It is an efficient mission and I am grateful to the Prime Minister for that, because soldiers who underwent this training improved their tactical skills and coordination. This is a win-win cooperation,” he concluded.

“I was proud a month ago on Maidan when I saw Canadian, American, Polish servicemen together with our soldiers. It was a symbolic parade of our unity and solidarity,” the Head of State noted.

In his turn, Prime Minister Trudeau noted that Canada believes in the idea of the UN peacekeeping forces and their ideals. “It was always a powerful tool to achieve stability and de-escalation of conflicts all over the world”.

According to him, last year Canada decided to send up to 600 military to the peacekeeping operations and contribute financially.

“We will consider all the regions potential for the peacekeeping operations. We will hold discussions on this topic to see how we can achieve de-escalation and bring security to this region where Russia violated agreements and international law,” the Prime Minister of Canada said.