President of Ukraine

We always support projects that offer employment opportunities, improve image of Ukraine – President at meeting with investors

5 August 2020 - 19:57

We always support projects that offer employment opportunities, improve image of Ukraine – President at meeting with investors

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with investors who intend to implement a number of projects in Ukraine. In particular, representatives of Yom Capital Ltd. are planning to build a computing data center with a capacity of 1 GW, and representatives of NBT want to build a wind farm with a capacity of 800 MW and electrolysis-based hydrogen production facilities with a capacity of 200 MW in Zaporizhia region. The volume of investments attracted for the construction of the wind farm will amount to more than EUR 1.2 billion and for the production of hydrogen will be more than EUR 300 million.

Also, the meeting was attended by a representative of H2 LLC, the project company.

At the beginning of the event, the head of state said that now the authorities are working to build a new country.

"A country with investments. When we talk about investments, we are not talking about money. First of all, we are talking about projects. Projects that make it possible to improve the image of Ukraine and offer employment opportunities," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

He said that he always supports the steps that result in certain projects, and expressed his satisfaction that today's meeting is aimed specifically at building the future of Ukraine, in particular the development of Zaporizhia region.

"It is very desirable that such meetings, which are held a lot, turn from theoretical to practical things," the President said.

Chief Executive Officer of NBT Joar Viken fully agreed with the statement of the Head of State. He said that the practical part of the initiatives is the most important, and the conversation should be translated into projects.

He recalled that NBT has been operating in Ukraine for many years and has already invested EUR 400 million and plans to make investments in the amount of EUR 1.2 billion this autumn.

Viken said that the company adheres to strict international standards in its work, high standards of corporate and social responsibility, and is intolerant of corruption.

"We need all these to bring investments to this country and work," he said.

The CEO of NBT also said that the company will commit $15 million to the next social project in Zaporizhia. In addition, according to him, direct investments will be attracted to improve the power systems of Ukraine in the amount of more than EUR 140 million.