President of Ukraine

We are obliged to win the war unleashed by Russia for the hopes of all nations for a peaceful future to be realized - address by the President of Ukraine to the participants of the 4Gamechangers festival in Vienna

1 July 2022 - 08:03

We are obliged to win the war unleashed by Russia for the hopes of all nations for a peaceful future to be realized - address by the President of Ukraine to the participants of the 4Gamechangers festival in Vienna

Dear Mr. Federal President,

Dear Mr. Federal Chancellor,

Dear moderators!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dear attendees and all people who watch us in different countries of our wonderful world!

Thank you for the invitation to participate in your forum. Gamechanging is really something that can be said about Ukraine, and it is quite logical that such a forum takes place with our participation.

And I immediately want to draw your attention to one fact, very important, in my opinion. Over the years, there have been many different discussions about what our lives could become. People argued for a long time about what should be changed and what can be changed. But now, for the first time in many, many years or even decades, the changes speak for themselves. This is the fact. You don't have to look for them anymore. No more discussions, no more arguments. Everyone can just see what needs to be done. Done immediately!

Just look at what is happening. Look at how easily one state created a threat, a large-scale threat, a dangerous wave for many, many others. For example, the threat of large-scale famine. Russia blocked the Black Sea - it's no secret, and it is now keeping millions of people hostage, ordinary people in Africa, Asia, Europe. We are all hostages. You are its hostages. Because if this threat of hunger is not removed, if the Black Sea is not unblocked immediately, the food crisis will result in such a migration tsunami that will reach even you, although Austria is pretty far from the sea.

Look at how much one state has been able to do to spread dangerous conspiracy theories and aggressive propaganda. What kind of trust in mass media will we be able to talk about over time, if Russia continues to spend billions of dollars annually to spread lies, and these lies remain in the information space even of the European Union?

Please take a look at the cyber attacks that Ukraine, Lithuania, and other countries have suffered. Russia supports cybercriminals whose only mission is to destroy security. I'm sure you're all aware of how big corporations disregard people's right to privacy and appropriate a lot of data about each individual. But... What can you oppose it with when the largest state in the world does this and even much worse?

And just look at the prices of fuel, gas, etc. What is happening to them? Markets are too dependent on Russian companies, Gazprom and Russian oil suppliers. And therefore, the wallets of Europeans are too dependent on how much one state wants to extract from them.

One state cannot break the lives of everyone in Europe or even in the whole world! This game needs to change!

How many years have we been talking about the fact that Europe should not depend on Russian energy resources? And this year, it is necessary to do it in time so that the next winter does not become catastrophic.

How many years have we been talking about the fact that Russia spends dollars and euros from oil and gas against the West itself, against the entire community of democratic countries? It is a sponsor of divisions and disinformation, anti-European political movements and problems for the entire continent. This flow of money used against the democratic world must stop this year. Otherwise, everyone in the world who hates democracy will understand that the democratic world cannot defend itself.

And about the war. You know, war is said to be the continuation of politics by other means. If we talk about the Russian war against Ukraine, then it is really so. This is a continuation of Russia's long-standing anti-European politics, and every Russian occupier on Ukrainian soil is aware of this. But did everyone truly realize this, everyone in Europe, in the European Union?

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Ukrainian gamechanging is in the fact that we give a chance to do what should have been done a long time ago.

Strengthen European unity as much as possible. Eliminate Europe’s dependence on Russian energy resources. Maximize support for free mass media that work according to journalistic standards, so that there is something to protect the truth from propaganda, and therefore from lies, conspiracy theories and anti-scientific theories. Create effective common European tools for protection against cyber threats. And of course it is vitally necessary to reinforce international law with a real punishment for its violation.

The eyes of all aggressive political movements and regimes in the world are now focused on what Russia is doing against us, against Ukraine. They are waiting to see whether Russian officials and military commanders will pay for what they are doing on the territory of Ukraine. Whether the world will be able to bring war criminals to real justice. If the answer is positive, it will be a strong foundation for peace on earth in the future. If not, if hundreds of treaties and conventions violated by Russia remain mere pieces of paper, humanity will have to deal with hundreds of other aggressions.

Ukraine gives this chance to take the necessary steps. Ukraine gives time in order to take these steps in time. We are obliged to win the war unleashed by Russia for the hopes of all normal people for a peaceful progressive future to be realized.

Is it possible without the help of Austria? I don’t think so.

I am grateful to your state for the support.

Is our joint victory possible without powerful sanctions, which should be strengthened regularly so that the terrorist state does not have time to adapt to them? No. And I ask you to redouble your activity in the preparation of these sanctions, in the preparation of the seventh package of European Union sanctions.

Only at this time, only in these months, only this year the necessary steps can be taken.

Either the game will change in favor of Europe, or the enemies of democracy and freedom will believe that the game can change in their favor. We have to do it in time!

Thank you for your attention!

Glory to Ukraine!