President of Ukraine

International rules-based order violated by Russian aggression must be restored – address of President of Ukraine

5 August 2023 - 20:58

International rules-based order violated by Russian aggression must be restored – address of President of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians, I wish you good health!

Today is another active day for our international efforts. Our team is working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, at the meeting of advisors to the leaders of the states on the Peace Formula.

In total, 42 countries are represented there. Different continents, different political approaches to global affairs, but everyone is united by the priority of international law. And it is for this that Ukraine proposed the Peace Formula because the international rules-based order, violated by Russian aggression, must be restored. It is very important that there, on the sidelines of the meeting in Jeddah, bilateral negotiations with partners take place. Thankful to our delegation for this work: consolidation of the world is one of the most essential tasks. The greater the consolidation of the world for the sake of restoring a just peace is the sooner an end will be put to the bombs and missiles with which Moscow wants to replace the norms of international law.

Another Russian missile attack against our country was today. Kinzhal, Kalibr missiles. Their target was Motor Sich and our Khmelnytsky region. Some of the missiles were shot down, thankful to our air defense warriors for this.

But no matter how many such Russian attacks occur, they will still not give the enemy anything. Anyway, we will protect freedom for Ukraine, for all our people. And Russia won't be able to replace international law with terror, or crises, or any intimidation. Literally every week, the world really adds strength to protect normal life.

This week I thank Germany and Lithuania for new defense and security packages for us, for our soldiers. We expect new solutions next week – new packages.

We also work for even more achievements and opportunities in our defense industry. The results are there, everyone can see them, and they are fair results, correct. Which show the aggressor state what its aggression means. Show not on TV, but precisely in the place, from which this war came to Ukraine, to the region, to the world. He, who brings problems to others, must feel what problems are.

And I thank the Security Service of Ukraine, our Navy and every warrior who restores justice and teaches Russia to losses.

Ukraine will win this war. The world will win this war. Truth will win this war. The main thing is that all of us in Ukraine and everyone in the world, who value a normal life, work at one hundred percent without any stop for the sake of victory. Our unity, our ability to build strength, and our ability to bring war back to where it came from. It is the most tangible for Russia.

And one more.

Next week our work on cleaning public institutions from those who tried to drag from the past all those old habits, old schemes that weakened Ukraine for a very long time, for decades, will continue. There will be no more old formats in our country – those formats when some defended the state and people, and others tried to put both the state and people at the service of their own benefit. No matter, who this person is – whether he is a "military commissar," whether he is a deputy, or whether he is an official – everyone must work only for the sake of the state. So be it.

I thank everyone who fights for Ukraine! In all areas: Kupiansk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Mariinka, Shakhtar, Zaporizhzhia.

I thank everyone who moves forward, who leads forward and only forward!

Glory to Ukraine!