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Olena Zelenska Took Part in the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin

11 June 2024 - 23:24

Olena Zelenska Took Part in the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin

First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska took part in the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2024) in Berlin.

In her speech, she thanked the WHO for the adoption of the resolution on mental health in times of war and disaster, initiated by Ukraine and the Netherlands.

"This decision is not only about Ukraine. It is important for all other countries. All the help from our partners is vital for us, but it is also important for the security of the whole world. By helping Ukraine, dozens of countries have demonstrated their principles of humanity. They have committed themselves to those principles. This is how we build a more just and secure world around us together,” Olena Zelenska said.

The First Lady also spoke about the restoration of 500 destroyed and damaged medical facilities, the establishment of 250 rehabilitation units to help people recover from injuries, the medical evacuation of nearly 5,000 Ukrainian patients abroad, the training of therapists under the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program, the signing of 44 memorandums of understanding within the framework of international medical partnerships, and the continuation of the School Nutrition Reform.

In particular, during URC 2024, the dishes of the new school menu could be tasted in the show kitchen, where they were prepared under the guidance of chef Yevhen Klopotenko and reform team leader Orest Stepanyak.

"Yes, we are resilient. And the world is inspired by Ukrainian resilience. And when this terrible war is over, we want to say with confidence that this is our common result,” the First Lady said.

The conference also featured the Postcards from Ukraine exhibition, organized by the Ukrainian Institute with the support of the USAID project. It shows Ukrainian monuments and landmarks before and after their destruction by the Russians. Another exhibit, Cities and Their Heroes, tells the stories of Ukrainians who were forced by the war to give up their main occupation and become volunteers or servicemen.

“Photos, images, and artists' performances together remind us that reconstruction and recovery are impossible without culture and its understanding,” Olena Zelenska summarized.