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Olena Zelenska launches the 70th Ukrainian audio guide

12 October 2023 - 13:16

Olena Zelenska launches the 70th Ukrainian audio guide

First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska launched the 70th Ukrainian audio guide. The Ukrainian language can be heard in the Archaeological Museum of Cyprus. The President's wife joined the opening via video link from Kyiv. The event was also attended by the First Lady of Cyprus, Philippa Karsera, the country's Minister of Culture, representatives of the museum and the Embassy of Ukraine.

The Cyprus Museum is the first and largest museum institution established in the country. It was founded in 1882 during the British occupation of the island. In the museum, you can see unique antique exhibits, ceramics, bronze, terracotta, ancient coins, vases, sculptures, dishes, gold jewelry, pottery, etc. 

The Ukrainian audio guide in this museum was created as part of the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine to introduce Ukrainian-language audio guides in the world's leading attractions. The audio guide in the Cypriot museum is the 70th of the project, which has already been implemented in 43 countries, including France (Versailles) and the United Kingdom (Westminster Abbey).

Olena Zelenska emphasized the importance of cultural solidarity in the face of the threat of modern barbarism, which has attacked Ukraine and now Israel.

"The attack on Israel, like the attacks on Ukraine, is the result of the activities of the same forces – modern barbarism – against civilization. Violence against humanity. It is already clear that these attacks have no borders. But neither do solidarity, mutual support and culture. This is what makes the entire free world stronger," she emphasized.

The First Lady thanked Cyprus for its hospitality to Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainian culture.

"In our educational institutions, the culture and history of the Mediterranean – your culture, of the cradle of Europe – is mandatory. Every Ukrainian knows about it. And to come here personally is to touch what you have been hearing about since childhood. I believe that the history and civilization of nations cannot be defeated. And the Cypriot heritage is proof of this. It has survived all the barbarian invasions. I believe that it will be the same with Ukraine and Israel. So I am happy to invite all my Cypriot friends and Ukrainians in Cyprus to hear the history of this outstanding state in Ukrainian. Because the more languages a culture has, the stronger it is," Olena Zelenska said.